About Us

August 14th, 2009

Citunionbk.com is the premier website financial portal that delivers information, news and articles with a specialized focus on money, financial, real estate and small business,. We supply quality information and resources to help users make money and business decisions and offering latest news via specialized blogs and newsletters.

Through our research and understanding of the intricacies of financial reporting and the technologies available in the marketing place, we specialize in content development and delivery, thus bringing us one-step ahead of competitors in both the financial terminal and portal businesses.

The financial portal’s functionalities vary according to user’s preferences and investment knowledge level.  We at Citunionbk.com understand that investors/traders are not made equal and do not need the same level of width and depth in terms of business and financial information;

Our understanding of money and financial research, reporting, the demands and changing needs of institutional and retail investors and the importance of time and accurate data differentiates us from our competitors. In the next few months, you’ll find it even more interesting as we add new services and news. We’re making sure we offer you all the advantages of visiting our website while giving you the very useful information you expect.

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