Hammerle Finley Serving the Community

March 8th, 2013

It seems like there’s a law firm around every corner claiming to have years of experience. I have run into some legal issues and apparently due to bad luck I always got the worst law firm in Texas. Until I found probably the best Lewisville attorney, who helped me resolve the issue in no time. I was amazed at their level of customer service and their involvement with my case, I felt like they were just as worried as I was about the case, they put themselves in my shoes and guided me along the way. It felt great to have a lawyer that actually cared about my problems and were willing to put the time and effort to solve them.

Being a small business owner I can barely make ends meet. The economy isn’t too well either so, money is a bit tight around the house. My wife recently just started working again just so we could keep the house. To make things worse I had a client who refused to pay his invoices, that’s when I contacted a Dallas lawyer for small business for advise on what action to take. He knew I didn’t have money to go to court and if I did go to court was it worth the cost. Hammerle Finley law firm however, did not give up on me, they knew the problems I was going through and found a simple solution to get my money. They wrote a demand letter to my client saying that if they did not pay, we’d take them to court. All it took was a letter from Hammerle Finley to get me my money back.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is going through legal issues. Hammerle Finley can help you out, they are the oldest Denton Law Firm. This isn’t some blanket statement that their the oldest law firm, they have the experience to prove it. Plus their involved in their community, volunteering and helping people whenever they can. This was probably the first time I met a law firm that thought of things other than just the numbers. They treated me like family and offered me the best service available and helped me get out of a tough situation. I am so glad I met them, now I don’t have to go to some lawyer who just passed the bar and is using me as training.