Agreement tenant: Landlord’s common lease or rent

September 11th, 2009

Common Agreement tenant Landlord

Agreement of tenant and property owner is a legal agreement, which includes clause, conditions, and other details related to tenancy. Property owner and tenancy laws existed in Andalusia and such laws exist in the code of Hammurabi.

Common law

The common law of landlord and tenant emerged in the middle age in England, which has some feudal principals, social order, and an agrarian economy. There are many form of tenancy like fixed term tenancy, and periodic tenancy.


In villages, people buy land and they give them on rent where people mostly grow many things and do agriculture during the tenancy period. In this kind of tenancy, the agreement have clause like the payment mode will be money or some part of agricultural production and it is mentioned that how much area is given on rent and for how many days. The common agreement, which people generally use as the contract, should be made carefully. It should not have any misinterpretations and should abide by the tenancy law of your state, as each state have different laws regarding the matter. You can consult some lawyers who specialize in this kind of agreements. Some websites focuses on tenant agreement and make you aware of the laws of your state. There are some websites that has statewise tenant agreements and suggestions, which are easily available, online. An agreement should clearly mention about the deposit money, the amount of deposit money, how much to be paid and how much to be taken after the tenancy period. The agreement should have pleasant and professional look with table of contents, addendums and utility information.


Landlord are the people who own piece of land, flat or home and give them on rent to people who give some amount of money for using the landlord’s property. Here the landlord is the boss of the tenants and the agreement plays a major role.


Leasehold is a property tenure where one pays and buys the right to occupy a property for a particular length of time. Lease is a legal estate, which can be bought and sold in markets. It differs from tenancy where property is let on for months. Generally, the lease is measured for 99 years. The agreement contains the term and property laws according the state in which the property is situated. A lease is for longer and specific period whereas rental tenancy is terminable and can be renewable.

Types of tenancy

A fixed term tenancy is also known as the tenancy for years. It lasts for particular period but if the tenancy is for a week then also it is considered as the tenancy for years. The tenancy will end when the decided time runs out and the tenants can give up the tenancy. This process is called surrender of the lease. Tenancy at will allows the tenant and the landlord to give up tenancy after giving reasonable notice. Tenancy at sufferance or holdover tenancy is called when the tenant does not leave the rented property after the term has come to end and the landlord forcefully eject the tenant.