Antique Portable Royal Typewriters

October 6th, 2009

Manual Royal typewriter Antique

There are very few companies in this world who have been consistently dealing with the same product for over a century. On of the examples of these companies is the Royal Typewriter Ltd. Since its incorporation back in the year the company has been producing typewriters which have been the favourite machine for many in this world. People have bestowed their trust on this machine for over a century’s time and to tell you the truth all of them have chosen the right company. It is this reputation and goodwill which encourages the workers of this particular company even till date to produce the best machines which will come to good use for the people. The company was founded by one named E.B. Hess back in the year 1904. By the year 1923 Hess was reported to have collected close to one hundred and forty different patents which were related to typewriter technology. In its initial days this company produced machines which were not portable but after that it started producing the machines which you could take from one place to the other. One of the first models which the company produced was called the Royal 1 and it still has a high antique value to the collectors from all over the globe.

Antique Vintage

The Royal 10 which was brought into the market in the year 1914 was the first typewriter model which had bevelled glass sides. It looked glorious and was a showed all the signs of class for the people who used the same. After that also Royal produces some of the machines which were immensely popular among the people and was used in most of the government offices around the world. In the year 1970 the company was taken over by Litton Industries which ceased the manufacturer itself. But it continued to market the Litton’s Adler’s machines under the brand name of Adler and Royal. The company at the present moment is owned by Olivetti and has its headquarters in the city of Hartford in Connecticut. The company called Olivetti is an Italian company and it still markets some of the vintage models of the Royal brand.

Due to huge competition in the market Royal was forced to diversify its business from the year 1990 and now it is also into making some home décor products which you need everyday. The other income which the company has is from the auction which is holds every year of the old typewriters and also from the patent of the technology which it has sold previously to some of the other companies in this field. In the recent past Royal has also been producing cash registers which is needed in the stores but this product did not turn out to be lucrative as like the typewriters. The electronic models which the company produced in the later half of the century are still in use and are also very popular among the people. It is not because of the brand name but also because of its deluxe look you can collect one of these typewriters from the company which surely has some royal connections behind it.