APA and MLA outline formats are quite important when writing an essay or speech

September 22nd, 2009

Mla Outline format ApaAPA Outline Format APA, or American Psychological Association style, is a style of documentation that is widely accepted, especially when writing documentation for social sciences. APA uses a certain order to headings, formatting, and the overall organization of the paper. It utilizes citations and references so that the party reading the paper knows where the information came from and can ensure that the writer of the paper did not plagiarize the information. The type of citation that is used is author-date style and uses parenthetical citation. A reference list is then provided at the end so that the parenthetical citations can be referenced.

There are certain sections. Those sections are the title page, an abstract, the body, references, footnotes when needed, tables, captions for figures, and the figures themselves. In other words, it is like writing a miniature textbook. The paper must be informative, uses information already known, but also allows the writer to express their own knowledge.

MLA Outline Format MLA is a documentation style that comes second to APA. The Modern Language Association of America first published it in 1985. This is a style that is not only used in the United States, but is used in other countries around the world. It is the style that is used amongst graduate students. You will very rarely find a graduate student using APA unless the paper is for a social science.

Like the APA format, sources must be cited on a “works cited” page. Parenthetical citations are also used. The citations consist of the author and the title of the work, whereas APA consists of citing the author’s last name and the page number the information could be found on. Even sound recordings can be referenced as long as information regarding the recording, the artist, and the date recorded is provided.

Outline Format for an Essay APA and MLA may be utilized for essays, but most essays do not require works cited. It’s not exactly considered a research paper, but the presentation of the essay is still very important. It has to be easy to read and there are times in which sources will need to be cited. It doesn’t have to be written like a term paper.

Outline Format for a Speech A speech can be outlined on index cards if it needs to be. What’s important is that the presentation is just right, though. The presentation is made through speech. If a person can speak the words in front of them well, then that means they did their outline format well. But it is important to make sure the outline format is nice so that the speech is nice and organized. If it isn’t, then you’re going to be talking over yourself and you’ll be tripping over your tongue. The worst part is the fact that individuals may not have an idea what you’re talking about. That’s sort of asking for it, especially if you’re doing the speech for a grade. But with the right outline and organization, you can do it.