Application Procedure for American Citizenship

September 15th, 2009

Test American citizenship Application

Getting a citizenship gives you a lot of advantages over the others. It is a recognition that you are a resident of the particular place and you are eligible to get all the benefits that is provided by the government. Getting a citizenship in America is not an easy job at all and you have to go through a lot of procedures. You also have to pass a lot of tests in order to get the citizenship status in the United States. The application procedure for citizenship in Canada is also very much similar to that of America. The laws involved are also very much similar for these two countries. But when it comes to dual citizenship in America and the country of Mexico then the things become a little bit complicated. If you read this article in full I am sure that all your questions will be answered and you will have no confusions regarding the process of application for citizenship for any of these countries.

In case of American citizenship you have to follow the laws closely before starting your application process. You should qualify with all provisions which are given by the law in order to gain the citizenship status. All these laws are explained in details in the website of the Immigration Office of the United States of America. There are two kinds of citizens in America. One is by birth and the other one is by the residential status. A child who is born in the country automatically becomes the citizen and in this case there is no necessity to apply for the same. You should also know about the duties that you have to perform if you are given the citizenship status. All the forms that you required are available can be downloaded from the websites and you will face no difficulty in doing the same.

After your application is accepted you will have to go through a test which you need to pass. This test comprises of different general knowledge questions which you have to answer about America. It is important that you prepare for this test prior to applying for the citizenship of that particular country. In case of Canadian citizenships the procedures are almost the same as that of the United States. The only difference lies in the laws which are different for the two countries. You can find out about the Canadian laws from the Immigration website and there you will get all that is required.

Dual Citizenship

In case of a dual citizenship the laws are different from the general rules. In this case the best thing to do is to visit the offices in order to know about the same. The forms and the test that is conducted are also different from those which are conducted in the general cases. You should have a good general knowledge about the two countries of which you want to become a dual citizen. In most of the cases it is important that you know about the constitution of the two countries before applying.

So, know about the details first and then start your application for citizenship in order to make the process smooth. If you are not doing this then let me tell you that it will be difficult to complete the formalities as things are not that easy as you might be thinking.