Applying For Citizenship in Different Countries

October 12th, 2009

Canadian Applying for citizenship British

If you are staying in a particular for a long time of which you are not a citizen then it becomes a criminal offence under the eyes of law. If you are caught then there can be criminal charges against you and it may so often that you have to spend a long time in jail in that particular country. So it is important that you know about the procedures that you have to follow in order to apply for citizenship in countries like the United States, Canada, UK and Mexico. You will get to know all the details about application of citizenships in these countries and the laws involved in it once you complete reading this article.

Let us start with the application process that you have to follow in case of the United Kingdom. The laws that are involved in the application are all mentioned in the website of the government and you should refer to that thoroughly before starting with your application. The first and foremost things to check are the documents that you require in this case. The home ministry of the United Kingdom will give you all the information that you need in this case. You can also go to the Department of Public Affairs in order to find out more about the citizenship in Britain. The forms and documents need to be filled up by you and then there will be a test conducted which you have to pass in order to gain the citizenship.

Citizenship in America or Canada

In case of application in the United States the process is very different from that of the other countries. But it is very much similar to that of Canada. In order to be an American or a Canadian you have to stay in the respective for a period of time which is specified by the government every year. It changes from time to time according to the policies that the government makes in granting citizenships to the people. In this case also you need to submit the forms which are given by the government and provide true information about those things which are asked from you. In case of any discrepancy you can be penalised with severe charges. One of the most interesting things about U.S. and Canadian citizenships is that, any child who is born in the country automatically becomes a citizen and in this case you do not need to fill up any forms or follow any procedures which are involved in all the other cases.

Citizenship in Mexico

In case of making an application for a citizenship in Mexico you need to know about the facts that are given by the government of the country. In this it is always better if you personally visit the offices and collect the information from there itself. The websites also give the information but those are not sufficient in all the cases. The other things that may concern you is the fact that you will have to show the proof of your stay in the country for the stipulated time which is mentioned by the laws of the government.

So, be very careful and find out thoroughly about the different things before you go ahead and apply for citizenship of a particular place.