Arizona Child Support: A division of enforcement

October 13th, 2009

Calculator Arizona child support Enforcement

The Arizona Child Support was designed to support the children consistently in times of their needs. The support is provided to the children by the Federal Government. The program follows a basic model of the income share. It was designed by the project of child support guidelines of the National Center for the State Courts. The amount is calculated in a sharing basis and takes into consideration the approximate amount which would have spent on the child if the parents were living together. The project was adopted and started operating from January 1, 2005 by the Supreme Court of Arizona.

Child Support Calculator
The calculator is an online PDF tool which helps to determine and calculate the support amount. The calculator is available for download online. The calculator does not involve into any legal advice.
All the child support cases are different so it is also not necessary always that the calculator will show the exact figure. The amount is determined by the supreme court of Arizona. You can only get an approximate amount from the calculator.

Child Support Calculation
There are few factors which are determined to calculate the child support.

  • The total income of both the parents
  • Child support provided to the children who are of other relationships.
  • The Spousal Maintenance which is being paid or received
  • The net insurance costs for the child’s Dental, medical and other health insurance plans
  • The extra expenditure required for the child’s educational purposes
  • The number of children above 12 years of age
  • The total number of days of the parenting time every year
  • The arrears of the court order, which needs to be paid

Child support Enforcement
There must be a monthly payment made towards the child support and in case of miss payment the court can take serious steps against the parents which includes-

  • Legal action which can result in putting the parents in jail custody
  • Putting a lien on the property
  • Suspension of the driving or professional license
  • The State and Federal tax refund freeze
  • Seizure of the personal bank accounts
  • Denial of the passport
  • Reflection in the credit report

The child support activities some times create extra work for the employers which require extra time and effort in terms of payments and other financial securities. The Child Support Enforcement acts as your electronic business partners, who takes care of all the administrative and the legal aspects of the child support programs. You can take care of every minute thing online.
The Child Support Enforcement Program of Arizona sometimes revokes or suspends the license for the failure of payment by practicing their legal authority. They always update you regarding the payment of your case. You can check the status of your case any time from your computer.
The payments and the other transactions are dealt by the JP Morgan Chase. Any time you face any problem regarding the financial matters you are free to call them at their 24 hours helpline.