Auto transport: a newy way to transport your vehicle

February 27th, 2008

Every year as the roads become more and more congested, more and more people are electing to ship their vehicles to distant locations rather than to drive. Deciding on which auto shipping firm to use is going to be the easiest part of the whole process. Without a doubt your vehicle’s safety and security is best provided by American Auto Transport. You can contact other transportation companies just to assure yourself that American Auto Transport does provide the best services at the best prices.

The complete line of options is designed to offer you auto shipping details so you can make the best informed decision regarding your vehicle. The cost of moving your vehicle from point A to point B depends upon the factors such as:

Type of Transportation Desired: There are two methods available for shipping your vehicles across country. The most common method is with the use of an open carrier. This form of transportation uses an 18 wheeled carrier that holds between 8 and 10 vehicles loaded onto two tiers. This method is less costly than an enclosed carrier. Enclosed transportation is perfect for antique, classic, high end, oversized and low clearance vehicles. Enclosed carriers offer the advantages of being closed and protected from weather extremes, no double tiers, soft tie downs and automatic lifts for leading and off loading.

Ground Transportation Scheduling: The farther in advance you schedule your auto shipping the more time the carrier has to assist you with preparing your vehicle for movement and with the best method of shipping for your particular vehicle. Door-to-door open carrier transportation is quicker to arrange than closed carriers as there are more open carriers available. No matter which method is decided on, a scheduled pickup to fit into your plans can be arranged. Once your vehicle is loaded on the carrier you will be able to track its progress at any time right up to the off load point. This marvelous method allows you to schedule your time to meet the carrier at the final destination. If you are shipping more than one vehicle there is the opportunity for a discounted group rate. Short notice auto shipping arrangements can be made at an additional fee.

It is worth noting that American Auto Transport has vast experience in transporting vehicles bought on eBay that ensure you receive the actual vehicle you purchased. They also have the best secure and most economical system for moving vehicles to and from Hawaii.

The goal and mission of American Auto Transport is to provide top quality service with certified CDL 5-star operators experienced in your particular transportation needs. Engaging the services of a technical team with a proven record of dependability, quality performance and reliability is as easy as a phone call for one stop arrangements. They also have a user friendly website that provides loads of information. If you are contemplating shipping a vehicle it is to your benefit to visit their website at: