Available Jobs at Target Distribution Center Warehouses could provide you with Employment

August 23rd, 2009

Jobs Target distribution CenterTarget Distribution Center The Dayton Company first crossed over into the mass market discount merchandising on May 1st, 1962 by opening the first Target store in Roseville, Minnesota. As of today, Target is now a well known store by obtaining more than sixteen hundred locations in forty eight states. These sixteen hundred locations employ more than three hundred sixty six employees. The growing popularity of Target is providing continuous expansion opportunities for new stores. These new stores mean employment opportunities for individuals. Besides retail stores, there are also jobs at the Target Distribution centers. As of today, there are twenty six distribution centers in twenty one states with growth plans already in progress.

Target Distribution Jobs There are different types of Target distribution centers. Regional distribution centers receive shipments of store merchandise from suppliers and ship products directly to Target store locations nationwide. These regional distribution centers are located in areas that include but are not limited to; DeKalb, Illinois, Topeka, Kansas, Rialto, California, Huntsville, Arizona, and other states. Another type of Target distribution center is Target Import warehouses. Import warehouses receive shipments which are being imported from manufacturers and suppliers located overseas. This merchandise is sent from the import warehouses to the regional distribution centers. There are four import warehouses. The next type of distribution center is the target.com fulfillment center. These centers fill orders which are placed online at target.com. This distribution center ships the purchased orders directly to the homes of the buyers. As of right now, there is only one target operated fulfillment center but they plan to open two more locations in 2009. Lastly, there are target food distribution centers. These centers include the distribution of food, including perishable items. Currently, there are three with plans for a forth center set for opening in late 2009.

Target Distribution Employment With the continuing expansion of Target, brings more employment opportunities to individuals all over the United States. Target is dedicated to draw and hold on to the best team in retail. In order to do this, Target offers a variety of training and development opportunities, exciting work environments, with pay and benefits that are based upon the external market. Target is a performance based company that offer growth and rewards for those who perform well. There are also numerous benefits provided by target. Some of these include; health care, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage, 401k plans, vacation and the observation of six national holidays, and store discounts.

Target Distribution Warehouse Applying to become a Target team member, in any facility is easy. Whether you are interested in distribution centers, retail stores, or corporate facilities applying is simple. You can simply visit the Target website and apply online. You can use tools to determine which location and jobs you are interested in, and see if any results meet the criteria you entered. If so, you can apply in a matter of minutes on the online application which is secure so you do not have to worry about any of your personal information ending up in the wrong hands.