Banking sovereign: Online Banking

February 17th, 2011

Online Banking sovereign Bank

Sovereign bank has something for every individual. It has banking, borrowing, investing, insurance and planning tools. If you want to buy your own home, then it may be your costliest purchase. You can take help of the sovereign bank through the sovereign mortgages. You can pay through different payment options like automatic debit, personal online banking, through mail or by telephone. You can select the option according to your suitability. If you have mortgage your residence before then also you are eligible, but the criteria is different from those who are mortgaging only one property. You can have savings account with the bank which need low minimum balance and you can get easy access to your savings. Then there is passbook savings for people who feel secure with passbooks, money market savings to earn competitive rate of the market, club account is for people with short term financial goal, savings for minors are for children upto 18 years old and health savings account is tax advantage account which saves money for medical expenses and manage health care expenses. You can have sovereign premier checking account, sovereign interest checking account, sovereign free checking account, sovereign free student checking account or sovereign check card account and enjoy simple and convenient banking with lots of features. There are additional services like telephone banking, ATM card, American Express gift cards, direct deposit and check imaging.

Services of the bank

You can borrow through mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, flex lock home equity, visa signature and world master cards, accelerated rewards American express and student platinum plus from the online sovereign bank. You can select investment services or private wealth management plans to invest your money in this bank. There are life insurance, term life, long term care, disability and small business insurances. You can select the insurance according to your need and financial condition.


The assets of the sovereign bank is more than million, it operates in more than 750 retail banking offices and has more than 2300 ATM’s. Based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, near Reading and the principal market is established in the north-eastern United States. This bank employs around 12000 people and offers services like retail banking, mortgages, corporate banking, cash management, capital markets, trust, wealth management and insurance. In 2006 independence community Bank Corporation of Brooklyn, New York was purchased by the sovereign bank for US.6 billion. Banco Santander purchased 25% of the sovereign bank in 2006 for US.4 billion and had the right to buy the sovereign bank for each share in mid 2008 for one year. On 2009 January acquisition of the sovereign bank was completed by Banco Santander and it is the 18th largest banking center in the United States.

Online sovereign banking

Sovereign bank has website where you can each and every detail of this bank. You can do online banking personally sitting in front of your laptop or computer, pay your bills through secure and guaranteed method and your transactions are secured which make you tension free. You just need to logon and do the needful whether it’s banking or something else.