Benefits of Buying Used: Forklift, Parts and Toyota Truck Sales for the Business Owner

October 14th, 2009

Sales Used forklift TruckForklift Truck Costs When you are looking for a vehicle for work related reasons, whether it is a work truck, a forklift or any other heavy duty equipment, it is most often not only a question of quality, but also price. Trucks and forklifts can be extremely expensive. A Toyota work truck, such as the Hilux, Tacoma and Tundra can cost upwards of ,000. A new forklift, whether it is Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar, Clark or Hyster can cost as much as 0,000 or more. If you own your own business and need several work trucks and forklift trucks, as well as other heavy duty machinery, it may be easier to buy used and pocket the money for another expense.

Pocketing the Sales for Company Used Forklifts If you own your own business, such as an earthmoving company, then you will require a forklift, or two, as well as several work company trucks. These trucks will most likely be used to transport the workers from the work job to the various job sites. They will be dirty; they will be all terrain; and they will not need to be fancy. This is one of the reasons you should consider purchasing used. Furthermore, forklifts are normally used in warehousing and for outdoor jobs. They are behind the scenes. If your forklift is a little rough for weather, then who cares? No one is judging your company on the quality of your forklift truck. Instead, use the money you saved from buying used and spend it on marketing your company image to the public.

The Used Forklift Part and Repair Debate Furthermore, many large companies have their own mechanics on hand. These men work for the company and it is their job to service and repair the various vehicles on the job site. Many business owners are wary of buying used because they do not know the complete history of the forklift or other truck. However, with a heavy duty mechanic on site, they can easily tune the machine and ensure that it is running like new. In addition to this, most used forklift companies are the same companies that make new forklifts. This means that, if you are in need of a part repair, the manufacturing company, such as Cat, Komatsu and Hyster will usually have it in stock, or can ship it in within a few days. There is no worry that you will have to send your vehicle to Malaysia just to get fixed.

Rental of Used Forklifts Another idea for the small business owner who only needs a quick job down is to rent a forklift. This is a great alternative to forking out the cash, especially if the job only requires a forklift for a day or a couple of weeks. Why spend all that cash on a piece of machinery that you will only use twice? Rental sales are extremely reasonable and affordable and most companies can work with your needs. So whether you need a forklift, trucks, or any other heavy duty piece of equipment, think used before you buy new.