Brief job and salary details for school, guidance, licensed, and professional counselors

September 30th, 2009

Guidance Counselor salary SchoolThe job and salary of a school counselor School counselors are integral in the schooling system because they serve a crucial role in helping the children make correct life choices with regards to both their academic and also career goals. This effort is applied in a couple of ways including interviews, aptitude and interest assessment tests, and counseling sessions, amongst others. School counselors will often run facilities like a career education program or a career information center. School counselors try to help those kids who seem to have problems either in a social manner or individually.

School counselors vary in terms of the age groups that they cater to. This is not to say that the roles played at every different age group are less significant – this is a continuous process. Elementary school counselors deal with the very youngest of kids. The counselors monitor the behavior of these young kids and confer with both the parents and teachers if they are any concerns that must be looked into.

Counselors who work with high school kids are charged with steeper responsibilities mainly because they are dealing with the child one on one. The counselor will try to prepare the students for life out of school. Job skills and career choices are the main thing in this case. High school counselors also have to deal with the many incidences of substance abuse – mainly the use of drugs and alcohol. In 2006, the average annual salary for a counselor in a secondary or elementary school was quite high at ,750.

The job and salary of a guidance counselor Depending on the disposition of the particular job, the guidance counselor may serve as a vocational counselor. Such counselors provide people outside the school setup with sound advice on areas like careers and employment. They may also serve as rehabilitation counselors and in this job they are supposed to offer profound counsel to people who have been afflicted in several ways like accidents, birth defects, or debilitating genetic illnesses. Mental health counselors are capable of talking to persons who are suffering from issues that are both emotional and mental. Such problems may be as a result of low self-esteem, depression, and substance abuse. There are also counselors who help people work out their marriage or family issues. The average annual salary in this job category was approximately ,000 in 2006.

Licensed counselor salary The requirements that necessitate the licensing and admission of a counselor vary from state to state. The general scenario is that before one can be licensed, they should at least have a counseling certificate from a State school in addition to a graduate degree or a Master’s degree in the said course. The salary will be pegged on the particular job description.

A professional counselor and the salary A professional counselor has a work description that combines group and individual counseling, development and delivery of required programs, and the supervision and training of other counselors. Salary projections are in the range of ,800 and above.