Business Spreadsheet Templates – Excel and Web Based

September 23rd, 2009

Free Business spreadsheet ExcelWhether you are sending a customer an invoice or keeping track of your expenses, there has probably been someone before you that has made a very sleek and efficient business spreadsheet template to do it. Business processes often have similar components, but may need a small tweak here and there to fit the current business need. These pre-made templates are all over the place and all you have to do is look for the one that matches your business the closest.

Business Spreadsheets Using Microsoft Excel A lot of great templates have been made using Microsoft Excel. A great place to start looking for these templates is on Microsoft’s website. Just type “spreadsheet templates” into their search engine and you will get a list of different types of solutions that others have designed. Typically these are high quality templates with custom calculations built in and are ready to use. It is important not to think of a template as a finished product, but instead spend a little time making it your own. Excel makes it relatively easy to edit the template’s colors or add your logo to create a custom professional flair.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Excel is not free, but there are plenty of other spreadsheet programs that are. If you are tight on money and cannot afford to purchase Excel, you can find open source spreadsheet programs available for download or web based. Depending on compatibility, these programs are designed to open Excel files and allow you to edit them.

Other Free Business Spreadsheet Templates Open Office has a rapidly growing selection of spreadsheet templates perfect for a myriad of business applications. These templates are free for download and work with Open Office software. Other free templates are available from other third parties and it just requires a bit of research to find them. There are not too many times where you should have to actually pay for a template unless of course it is just the best thing since sliced bread.

Using a Web Based Business Spreadsheet A web based business spreadsheet is an excellent collaboration tool for teams working in different locations. Even if you’re all in the same office, using a web based spreadsheet can help you realize gigantic time savings and leaps in productivity if implemented correctly. Some free web based spreadsheet solutions like Google Docs will allow simultaneous users to edit and see changes as they happen. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server allows Excel spreadsheets to be displayed in the form of a web page, but has some limitations as to immediately viewing changes or refreshing the data.

Using Google Docs for a Business Spreadsheet While there are still some functionality limitations to Google Docs, it is an extremely effective tool to prevent version control issues. Whether your coworker is sitting next to you or in another part of the world, you can make modifications to the spreadsheet at the same time your coworker is without having many typical issues that happen when multiple users are accessing the same file. Google Docs also allows users to select an alert email that will tell them when changes have been made. Google also has an extensive library of templates ready to go for their software.