Cardboard standups available wholesale: lifesize and available in celebrity or custom versions

August 30th, 2009

Lifesize Cardboard standups Wholesale
Cardboard standups wholesale – do not pay more Have you ever walked into a video store and seen a cardboard standup of your favorite actor? You might have laughed to yourself about how much you would like to have it for your living room. It would make a great conversation piece and would be a fun feature for your next party. Maybe you have wondered where you could find one.

Perhaps a friend sent you a picture with a note that he met your favorite reality show star. You turn to the picture with great envy but when you take a look you realize that he is actually posed with a cardboard standup. You vow to return the favor by playing a practical joke on him in return.

If you have wondered about purchasing a cardboard standup, you might have assumed that the cost would be prohibitively expensive. Perhaps you considered purchasing a cardboard standup of your child’s favorite character for a birthday party but rejected the idea based on concerns about cost. Although retail prices for cardboard standups can be quite high, wholesale prices are rather reasonable.

Lifesize cardboard standups have many uses Are you looking for a great birthday gift for a friend? Perhaps she loves Frank Sinatra and plays his CDs constantly. Why not buy her a lifesize cardboard standup of him? She can pull it out for parties or to show friends but when she is not using it, she can easily stow it in a closet.

A lifesize cardboard standup can be a wonderful decoration for a child’s bedroom. If you are doing a race car theme in your son’s room, you could purchase a lifesize cardboard standup to include in the room. It would be a finishing touch for the décor and would surely be a hit with your son and his friends.

Celebrity cardboard standups Everyone has a favorite celebrity; it may be a recording artist, actor, political figure, athlete, or other well-known person. Why not purchase a cardboard standup of your favorite celebrity? You can stand it in the window to give passersby pause, place it at the front door during your next party, or stand it in your den as a quirky decoration.

There are numerous celebrity cardboard standups available. If you are devoted to a particular television show, you could buy standups of the entire cast for your TV room. Your family and friends might wonder about the lengths to which you will go to demonstrate your devotion to the show, though. If you are trying to motivate yourself to cook, you could purchase a cardboard standup of your favorite celebrity chef. Maybe that will do the trick.

Did you know that you can order custom cardboard standups? Do you have to find a gift for one of those people who has everything? Buying gifts for that kind of person can be immensely frustrating. How about giving a unique gift? You could have a cardboard standup made of him or her. Imagine the look of surprise you would get when you unveiled that! Your gift would be the hit of the party – and it would be discussed for years to come.