Careers in Human Resources

November 8th, 2012

Hr jobs can handle anything from compensation to training and even recruiting depending on the company. A company that is small may have only one human resources manager, or just one particular individual handling the day to day business. But in larger organizations the management jobs may be separated into a few different departments. This can range anywhere from placement, employment, benefits, development and labor relations.

All the colleges and universities offer bachelors and masters degrees in the management of human resources. But still many of the hr jobs will be fulfilled by individuals with experience and degrees in other fields.

If we take a glance at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it does not label all of the human resources specialties. However they do predict that the overall employment of the hr jobs is going to grow by 2 percent up until 2018.

Benefits Managers

Managers that handle the compensation and benefits are always in demand in the human resources department. These type of hr jobs develop and put into action the company’s benefits and rewards policies. This can include medical insurance benefits, life insurance packages, bonuses, pensions, and many other things. If one has a bachelors degree they would qualify for a position like this, but having a master’s degree is a bit more helpful. The kind of employees that fit into these positions are often paid pretty well. A salary can be anywhere from 40,000 a year to 100,000 a year.

Development Managers
These specific type of managers handle and monitor the development and training for employees. To keep this explanation basic, a training manager will work hand in hand with development specialists to create performance improvement measures. They may also arrange training on the job, have orientation sessions, and help the employees keep and maintain their job skills. Salaries can range anywhere from 35,000 a year to 75,000 a year.

We hope you know have a better idea, and have a better feeling about hr jobs. Some of the positions pay very well and the duties can range anywhere from handling payroll, to training new employees. It can be an exciting field to be in, and you can learn many skills that can help you in the future in the workforce

We hope this information was informative and gives you a better idea about hr jobs and what it can consist of.