Charity Village: Canada’s Number One Place for Jobs and Information in the Non-Profit Sector

January 4th, 2011

Canada Charity village JobsJobs on Charity Village If you’re looking into donating your time or money to a charitable cause in Canada then there is only one place on the net that you need to look. At that is Charity Village. Charity Village is a cyber-community providing information about jobs, news, resources, event listings and programs for those who want to help out their community.

Charity Village is organized into a little village with the Main Street being the home page. You can stroll through the other streets including career opportunities, volunteering and donations and News and Events. The website features easy pull-down menus with access to all kinds of relevant information.

Jobs on Charity Village One of the best places on the net for career information pertaining to the not-for-profit organization world, Charity Village features several different career training and job openings from some of the biggest and best in the business.

There are more than 80,000 positions with big name Canadian companies such as The Heart and Stroke Foundation, YWCA, World Vision Canada, Peel Children’s Centre, Canadian Cancer Society, Griffin Centre, and the Covenant House. These are only some of the 6,000 organizations that advertise jobs on Charity Village.

There are also places in Charity Village to learn more about training and career development in the non-profit sector. There are articles on how to write proposals and information for grant seekers. Learn the basics of not-for-profit business including management, business strategies and tax laws and regulations.

Canada’s Charity Village Neighbourhood Charity Village has several different not-for-profit listed organizations in a complete directory. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. These are some of the non profit organizations in the Charity Village Neighbourhood:

Addiction and Substance Abuse; Arts; Criminal Justice: Education: Environmental; Animals; Health and Disease; Gay and Lesbian: Human Rights; Poverty; Religion; Sports and Recreation and Women.
They also have an extensive list of different foundations that give to organizations including, but not limited to the following:

4C’s Foundation; World Wildlife Fund Canada; Wildlife Habitat Canada; Virtual Foundation; Vancouver Heritage Foundation; Trudeau Foundation, Tree Canada Foundation and The Terry Fox Foundation. This is only a select few in the comprehensive guide to grant-giving foundations.

The History of Main Street Charity Village Charity Village has been up and running online since 1995. Initially funded by the creators, Jim Hillborn and Doug Jamieson, it became self-sufficient on advertising after about three years.

Today the site includes more than 3,500 pages of information and has a readership of around 25,000 each and every day. It is the leading place on the net for information about Canada’s non profit sector.

There are two main offices located in Toronto and in Vancouver and a staff of 22 people working in all sectors and areas of Canada. Charity Village has a website that is organized, easy to navigate and extremely helpful in all your not for profit endeavours.