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February 17th, 2011

State Crescent bank TrustCrescent Bank and Trust Beginning
If you think all banks are the same, then think again. Crescent Bank and Trust is a much smaller than other worldwide banks and thus provides a more intimate setting but with above-average returns for their shareholders. Crescent Bank is based out of New Orleans but operates across several states. Its services include all aspects of banking from saving accounts and business accounts to dealers services and loans. Crescent Bank and Trust specialises in car re-payment and many Americans choose Crescent bank to pay off their car loan.

Crescent Bank and Trust started out small as a 20 million, one-branch bank with three employees. This was back in 1991 and by 1994 Crescent Bank and Trust were expanding all across Louisiana. Loan offices opened in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria and Shreveport. Another important financial institution is the Washington mutual bank. Since then Crescent Bank and Trust continues to expand with lending operations and branches all across the United States including Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Colorado. However, the New Orleans office remains the heart of the company.

State and Country Wide Jobs with Crescent Bank and Trust Crescent Bank and Trust offers a wonderful work place with plenty of employee benefits including medical and dental plans, vision plans, life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment plans, 401 (k) retirement plan and eligibility to contribute to Flexible Spending Account. You will also receive 10 paid holiday days per year, tuition reimbursements, employee assistance program and long term and short term disability coverage.

Furthermore Crescent Bank and Trust offers a friendly and innovative work environment for all their staff. You will be part of a team committed to diversity, training and lifelong learning.

Making Payments to Crescent Bank and Trust in New OrleansThere are three easy ways to make a payment to Crescent Bank and Trust. The first is by mail. You will need to send your payment to the New Orleans depot care of Crescent Bank and Trust.

You can also choose to pay by phone with their Star or Pulse. You will put through an automated system where you can simply follow the prompts. Or, you can also choose to pay with an ATM machine as long as the Star or Pulse Logo is present.

More New Orleans Crescent Bank Options For same-day payments you can bring cash or a credit card into a MoneyGram office. You will need the Crescent Bank and Trust MoneyGram code which is 2398. However, keep in mind that the MOneyGram charges a fee for their Quick Collect service.

Another option is Quick Collect where you can make same-day payments at a Western Union branch. You will need the Quick Collect City Code which is Crescent LA. Like MoneyGram, Western Union charges a fee for this service.

However, you choose to pay your fees and loans to Crescent Bank and Trust, you can be rest assured that someone is always there to help you along the way.