Currency Collector – A Good Collection Contains Currency and Coin From Both the US and Foreign Countries

September 2nd, 2009

Coin Currency collector UsCollections Include US Currency Since Before the Revolutionary War
There is still some paper money pre Revolutionary War in existence. Whether people knew the currency would one day be collectible or whether they were saving the money for hard times, there is still pristine money available. Civil War money has become one of the most popular of the collections. During the Civil War the United States began to print paper currency for five, ten, and fifteen cents, twenty- five cents and for fifty cents because they had begun to run short on change. Because those banknotes are so unusual, they are in great demand. Confederate currency is also very popular. Confederate currency and notes are very popular because they have a different value. They also have different watermarks, printer names and engravers. Chiefly, the Confederate currency is in high demand due to the tragic history that is associated with it. Each time period has some type of currency or coin that is unusual.

Coin Collections Are More Popular Than Currency Collectors
One of the main reasons why coin collections are more popular across the country is because there are many more coins in existence. And there are several reasons why currency is more rare. The most obvious reason is that currency burns. Prior to people putting their trust in banks, people hid their money. They put it in safes, they put it in cookie jars, and they hid it under the mattress. Some people even buried their money. Paper currency is not the easiest product to save. Water, fire and rodents can all destroy money. It was much easier to save coins. And actually people have always saved their loose change. Emptying your pockets at the end of the day and putting it in a glass jar, or giving children the change for their piggy band has always been a popular way to save money. Coins that have errors, such as a double print of the year are considered rare and are prized by collectors. Areas where the coins were produced placed their own mark on the coin and when the areas stop producing the coins, collectors prize the coins with the area marks.

Foreign Currency Can Be Interesting to Collectors
No collection is complete without foreign currency. Even if you are not a collector, foreign currency is fascinating to Americans. We collect it when we travel. It is made in different sizes and different colors than American currency. Because it is so different from our own it often seems like play money. The value is different and the designs and other distinguishing features can be very beautiful. It really does not matter whether you collect currency or you collect coins, the hobby can be very interesting and often unique. It can also be very profitable if you happen to find a rare coin or piece of currency. It can also be profitable it you have a complete collection from a specific era or a specific coin. This is a very serious hobby that appeals to people of all ages, and all countries. And it does not matter if you are rich or poor everyone is interested in money.