Dell computer technical support and auto tech phone service

August 27th, 2009

Computer Dell support TechnicalDell technical support Dell has put in place an astute computer technical support service that can be accessed when the user has an enquiry about any aspect of the Dell hardware. The technical support staff at Dell employs computer-oriented diagnostics to ensure that their answers are swift and accurate as well. One can either reach the technical support team at or alternatively you can call them.

Prior to making a call to the support team, it is recommended that you be ready with your Express Service Code. This code will assist the support team to route the call with more efficacy. In place of the Express Service Code the team can ask for your Service Tag which can be found at the bottom or back of your computer.

One is advised to fill out a diagnostic checklist that is usually contained in the set up guide. When calling the team be sure to have your computer on – it is best to make the call from a phone that is near the machine. Being near the machine will be extremely convenient as you will be able to input various commands or perform some troubleshooting as advised by the team. At the time you intend to make the call you should be having all the requisite documentation. These will help you ascertain the start-up content files of the computer. Dell offer also easy monthly payments through their dell financial service.

Various aspects of Dell computer support There are many different things that you may wish to find out as a user of a Dell machine. You may be requiring help in the reinstallation of your machine’s operating system. In this case you are advised to consult your operating system disc. If you need to have a diagnostic program run in your machine or maybe you feel that you must update some drivers then you can check the corresponding disc. For the latest updates you can download them from

You may require upgrading your machine with a new hard-drive, or using additional or new memory, sometimes you may want to replace an obsolete part or reinstall a part altogether. In this case the service manual will come in handy. This can be found at the same website i.e. Some other helpful information has to do with safety practices, checking on order status, FAQs, locating downloads and drivers etc. These can all be handled at

Dell tech support Much if not all of the computer tech support can be handled online at

Contacting Dell support on phone Dell customers in the United States can call the support team on 800-WWW-DELL (800-999-3355). For persons who do not have activated connection to the internet the technical phone numbers can be retrieved from the purchase invoices, product catalog, bill, or packing slip. Dell has an Auto Tech Service which provides clients with pre-recorded answers to the FAQs. There is also an Automated Order Status Service which can help a client track the location of a particular order.