Earn a satisfying Salary with Surgical Technician Jobs by enrolling in your Schools Surgical Technician Program

August 15th, 2009

Schools Surgical technician SalaryBecoming a Surgical Technologist is a rewarding career that will allow you to make a significant difference in someone’s life, such as saving their life A surgical technologist is an allied health care professional who is part of the operating team. The job description for surgical technologists requires the assistance in the performing of surgical operations by preparing and handing the proper instruments for surgery to the surgeon. The majority of surgical technicians work under the direction and management of the staff physician, surgeon, or registered nurses.

The demand for surgical technologist jobs is expected to grow This is anticipated because of the increased amount of surgeries, which are expected to continue growing at a steady rate. According to the Association of Surgical technologist there are twenty four thousand employed technologists, with a need for more. Becoming a surgical technician can take anywhere from 9 to 24 months, depending on the type of degree you intend to obtain. You can receive your certification, diploma, or associates degree in surgical technology through community or junior colleges, vocational schools, universities, or hospitals who offer surgical technology programs. More than likely, most operating facilities will prefer you to obtain a diploma or associates degree with on the job training, as well as require you to sit for your national certification exam to become a nationally certified surgical technician.

The work environment for surgical technicians may be challenging for some individuals For instance, becoming a surgical technician may require you to stand for long periods of time during a major surgery. You will also have to remain alert throughout these long surgeries in order to perform your job properly. Surgical technologists will perform their duties in well lit, cool, clean, sterile environments. Working as a surgical technologist will expose you to communicable diseases as well as expose you to unlikable sights, odors, and other materials which may not be an easy job for an individual with a weaker tolerance for such instances. In most cases, surgical technologists work a normal forty hour work week. This may vary depending on the type of health care facility you are employed by. Some health care facilities may require you to work a scheduled amount of hours as well as remain on an on-call duty, which may require you to work on night, weekend, or holiday hours.

Surgical technology is rewarding emotionally, but it is also physically rewarding The average annual earnings for surgical technologists range between thirty thousand dollars to forty five thousand dollars. The highest ten percent earn around fifty one thousand dollars yearly which is in higher earning areas like California, with the lowest ten percent earning around twenty five thousand dollars yearly which is normally in rural areas. Generally, hospital facilities will allow a surgical technologist to earn the highest amount of income. To make up for differences of pay, most full time surgical technologists are provided benefits which include health, medical, life, dental, and vision insurance, paid vacations, sick leave, and 401k plans.