Effective Interviewing Techniques: Interrogating, Counseling and Helping you Succeed

October 16th, 2009

Interrogation Interviewing technique Effective Effective Job Interviewing Technique- Before the Interview Job interviews are a scary business. Basically you are being judged on not only what you look like, but also what you say. Unfortunately, they are part of the career-searching process and thus you will need to perfect your interviewing technique if you want to successfully land that dream job.

Before you go to the interview you need to ensure that you are prepared. This means researching the companies profile and history so you know a little bit about who you may be working for. You also need to prepare potential questions and find the most appropriate answers for them. Make sure your answers highlight your best skills and attributes needed for the job.

Interviewing Technique: The interrogation Another great way to practice for a job interview is to actually go through the interrogation process with a friend or family member. Role playing will help you get a feel of the interview and see how successful your answers are.

Interviewing Technique: Helping Yourself through the Interview You may feel a little stressed out or nervous before and during the interview. You need to turn these fearful nerves into motivational spirit that will win you that job. In order to do this, you need to pump yourself up.

Do something before the interview that really gets your heart racing or refreshes your mind. This may include going for a run or taking a long or taking a nice warm sauna. It might be something simple like saying a mantra in the mirror or drinking an energizing fruit juice. Whatever the case, you need to turn that nervous energy into confidence.

Job Interviewing Technique- Counseling for during the Interview We’ve all seen our fair share of funny movies that show you how NOT to behave at a job interview. Basically, you can take these comic situations and do the complete opposite.

You need to dress appropriately. This usually means wearing business attire. In some instances this may require a business suit; in others in may mean a simple nice shirt and slacks. You also need to keep your hair trimmed, your makeup tidy and avoid any out-there statements like bold tattoos, face piercings or purple hair.

Once you arrive at the interview you need to perform the proper gestures as well. Sit up straight with your legs crossed (if you are female) and neatly closed (for males). Get up to shake the interviewer’s hand and concentrate on keeping your hand shake firm. Make eye contact throughout the interview and speak slowly and clearly, making sure every word is enunciated.

Make sure you use proper hand gestures and always smile. With your answers, remain positive even if speaking about a difficult situation. You need to put your best foot forward, no matter what.

So whether you are applying for a manger position or for an entry level position, you will be ready, no matter what the interviewer throws your ways.