Equine Jobs: Horse Teaching Industry

October 5th, 2009

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The people who are interested in an equestrian career but do not want the job of jockeying has a plethora of options at hand. For instance they can choose to become a farrier or veterinary care which is an integral part of equines. There is also the option of taking up a job as a horse groom, trainer (both for the horses as well as the riders), stable help and manager of a stud farm.    

Nowadays, there are a lot of colleges that offer equine management degrees. It has become really easy to launch your equestrian career with the variety of courses available. You can have a look at the courses offered by your local community.   

More than the theoretical education, an equine job requires a professional who has received extensive practical training. So, if you want a long and a fruitful equestrian career, you must concentrate more on the practical training. You can gain enough practical exposure with the help of an internship program or by volunteering at your local barn. These will help you to gain good practical experience before you get into a full time paid employment.    

Horse racing >

The history of horse racing dates back to ancient times when horses were used to pull chariots. We have proof of the Romans using horses for chariot races and even there are evidences from the Norse mythology, where a race between the horses of Hrungnir and god Odin is mentioned. Horse racing is also more than often related to gambling.

The most popular type of horse racing around the world is the Thoroughbred horse racing. Thoroughbred horse racing is also known as “The Sport of Kings”. In the eastern United States, Canada and some parts of Europe Harness racing has a greater fan following than the thoroughbred racing. Another form of horse racing is Quarter horse racing and is quite popular in western United States and Florida. The use of purebred Arabian Horses for racing is mainly popular in the Middle East and part of Europe and America.  

Jobs related to racing

Nowadays, the popularity of the jobs associated with horse racing is on the rise. In  most of the countries jobs like horse breeding, training and racing has a greater economic role to play; quite similar to gambling, which more or less supports it. Race horses are capable of winning millions and there is always the option of earning millions by providing services like training or breeding.