Ethanol Gasoline: Fuel Blend Making Kit

September 25th, 2009

Kit Ethanol gasoline Conversion

Ethyl alcohol is the chemical name of ‘ethanol’ that is being used as fuel. Ethanol is a major component of the alcoholic beverages available in the market. This ethanol can be used as Bio-fuel. Ethanol’s use as a bio-fuel is being looked upon as a great alternative to conventional fuel like gasoline. Many of the cars in Brazil run on ethanol and its popularity is growing with every passing day. The reason behind this is the easy availability of ethanol. Ethanol can be manufactured from sugarcane and corn which are easily available. The manufacturing as well as the processing of ethanol is not very complex. So, it can be seen that ethanol is a renewable resource unlike petroleum, which cannot be produced.

Anhydrous ethanol is the one that has water content of 1% or lesser. Ethanol can be mixed with gasoline in various ratios. The gasoline, which is used to run many cars in US, contains at least 10% ethanol. Since, the gasoline that contains ethanol is environment friendly, so many countries have made it mandatory to use ethanol gasoline (10%).    

If you want to be a part in the drive for using an eco friendly fuel like ethanol, then it is very important to have some knowledge about conversion kit, the companies who produce ethanol, fuel stations, blending ethanol and supply point in your state.

Production of Ethanol

It is possible to ferment sugar for producing ethanol in a large scale. Other alternatives to produce ethanol exist in the form of ethylene hydration from petroleum and various other sources. The production and use of bio-ethanol is being treated with such a great interest because of its presence in the starch of many crops. Though ethanol has got all the hype, but there are no concrete evidences to say that it is a permanent alternative to the fossil fuels used by vehicles. One negative thing about the production of ethanol is that one needs huge tracts of land. Pollution and energy balance in the production of ethanol is also a subject to ponder upon.   

The latest advancement in this area is the cellulose ethanol production and it can be used in the form of resistant cellulose fibers. These fibers form a major part of the cell walls of plants. This cellulose can be put to use for the production of ethanol.  

Use of Gasoline

We produce Gasoline from petroleum in the form of a liquid mixture and term it as petrol. Petrol is used as a fuel in the internal combustion engines. The term Gasoline is more used in America but the Commonwealth countries prefer to call it petrol. It is also known as ‘gas’.