Etiquette Office: Proper Phone Protocol

August 27th, 2009

Proper Etiquette office Phone

Etiquettes in office are some protocols that need to be followed while one is in office. These may range from the use of mobile phones to the use of office cubicle. There are some protocols needed to be followed to maintain the decorum of the office and all the people working in an office are instructed and expected to adhere to these.

For instance, the use of mobile phones is now a way of life for all, but there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while they are using them in an office. Mobile phones are useful and at the same time can prove to be very disruptive in the proper functioning of an office. It may help you to remain connected to your friends and family, but can be really irritating and disturbing to your colleagues and boss. So here are some office tips to use your mobile phone in office.

Silent mode

It is completely your personal choice to switch off your mobile or keep it on. If you want to remain connected without disturbing the other members of your office, then you can keep your phone on the silent mode. Then you can avoid your phone’s ring from disturbing others and at the same time your boss won’t even get clue about how frequently you receive calls.

Attend to only the emergency calls

You can opt to attend only the calls that you consider to be important and not frequently chat with your friends. So, you inform to your friends and family to call you only when it is something important. For instance, one of your family members is sick or there is an emergency situation that you need to be informed about.   

Use private place to make calls

Though there are no bindings to us the cell phones in private places, but still it is better to receive or make calls away from your or your colleagues work desk. This will not disturb the others and can carry on with their office jobs smoothly.  

Refrain making calls from the restroom

This is just to bar the caller or the person receiving the call to hear any other sounds. There can be somebody discussing something private, which can be overheard. So it stop’s you as well as the person on the other side of the phone from invading your colleagues privacy.  

Don’t use cell phones during meetings

Using the cell phones during a meeting sends out very wrong signals about you. Your boss may feel that you are not listening to him or you are not committed to your job. So don’t be tempted to look at the screen to find out who the caller is.