Executive Summary: Sample, Writing Template, Business Plan

September 25th, 2009

Sample Executive summary Example

An executive is an overview the sole purpose of which is to summarize the key points of a document for its readers, so that it saves their time in preparing for the upcoming document. Anyone who wants to have a look at the business plan will first look at the executive summary that has been prepared in order to know about some basic points which are very essential before finalizing the project. In most of the cases the top business executives of a company read these summaries before going in for a particular meeting where in the finalization of the whole project takes place. In today’s world executive summary has taken a very important stand because the executives have very less time to go through the whole report. They prefer to read the summary and then read the final report before the finalizing the proposal.

Now the question may arise of what exactly is an executive summary? It is a summary of either the future projects or it may also be the summary of the ongoing projects of a particular company. It needs to be short and precise so that anybody who reads this gets to know what the proposal is all about. An executive summary is targeted to mainly three groups of people. The first group will read the report by keeping out the technical matters, the second group would like to know about the entire scenario and that is why they will read the entire report and the finally there is the group who would like to know about the entire thing in short and put their judgments based on the report. So, while writing you will have to keep in mind about all these groups. It should be drafted in such a way that everyone gets a hang of something or the other from the report that you are preparing.

In order to make things short and to the point you have to exclude some of the things which is generally used in case of a normal report. Any kind of preliminaries, details and illustrative examples needs to be omitted from an executive summary. However the main ideas, the facts, the necessary background in order to understand the problem, the alternatives and the major conclusions should be incorporated in order to make the report interesting and acceptable by all. Always remember that brevity and conciseness are the two main things that should be incorporated in order to write a well knit summary.

You should not take a few vital sentences from the key sections of the document and string them together. Instead read the whole document carefully and make notes of those points which you think is important. From these notes you have to create a rough draft and then polish it so that it becomes a good executive summary. Do not include any kind of introductory or transitional material. The final stage is to ensure that the summary is accurate and represents the full document. It should not mislead the readers in any way but it should also give them the same impression as in case of reading the full document.