Express Clothes: Orient store for Men and Women

August 31st, 2009

Man Express clothes Store

Express cloth store is one stop shopping store for the high fashion child, man, and woman. The vast range of apparels for both men and women is really of high quality and in sync with the latest fashion. Express is an American company that has a big base in the retail industry. The headquarters of Express is situated at Columbus, Ohio.  Express boasts of completely indigenous original designs and this has been its hallmark since inception. It has been specifically catering to the fashion needs of young men and women. There are over 50 stores across US which generates annual sales of approximately .8 billion.

Express Clothes is a dual gender brand and some of the styles that Express is known for are its Editor Pants for women, the 1MX Shirt for men as well as Express Jeans for both genders (formerly X2 Jeans).

Early days

In the year 1980 Express started out with its first test store at Chicago Water Tower House. Limited was the one that gave it a more hip and fashionable look. In the year 1981, the present CEO Michael Weiss was appointed. At this juncture Express witnessed the addition of 8 more stores. With the arrival of 1986, the Express saw itself touching the mark of 250 stores in America and a huge increase in its operations. It also launched the men’s collection during this year and soon its 16 stores started the sales of menswear. The move paid of rich dividends for the Express and the men’s collection proved to be very successful. In the same year the CEO of the company was honored with the title of Merchandiser of the year by the Apparel Merchandising Magazine. The total turnover of billion was reached by Express in the year 1991.

Express brought out a change in its branding strategy in 2001 by turning itself into a duel gender brand. Going by its branding strategy Structure was included as Express Man. In the next few years it opened up the dual gender stores. The television campaign for the Express was also telecasted for the first time in this year. Later this was followed by the Unified campaign on the television.   

Express collections

Express was originally a woman’s brand but now it caters o the fashion needs of the men too. So, it is now a dual gender brand. Some of the most famous styles launched by the Express are as follows, 1MX Shirt for men and Editor Pants for women. Express jeans also known as X2 jeans is the style creation that is for both the genders.

Maximum of the employees at Express are paid less wages and are highly encouraged to wear Express collections when they are at work. Employees receive 30% of the merchandising and 50% off the first employee purchase. There is a controversial saying that they end up reinvesting their paycheck in the company. Due to some recent trends, employees are now allowed to wear different retailers with the exception of graphic tees, jeans, and bold and obvious brand logos.