Fashion Bug: Coupon, Store, Survey

October 18th, 2009

Coupon Fashion bug Store

To those of you who are living in United States at the moment the name above is very common indeed. You have it all over the place and drop in any time you are in need of some new clothes. It is a very common phenomenon that all of you have been practicing since a long time. Fashion Bug stores is a trusted name in the field of fashion and accessories for both men and women. But the store says that it specializes in women wear and it has still got some more work to do when it comes to men. In fact over the years it must be the first choice for those of you who are in the middle ages and also for the kids. The main motto of this chain store in the US is to give its customer a taste of something new each and every time they walk in to the store. That is something which we shall discuss in this article, about what’s new in Fashion Bug that can attract you even in the crunch financial crisis that we are all in at the present moment.

How many stores take a survey on its customer for each quarter? The answer is not many. But when it comes to Fashion Bug this is part of the annual curriculum of the store. These surveys are mainly taken in order to get an idea about your taste and preferences so that it can equip the store accordingly and make you feel more personalized than your last visit. This is the real reason of you feeling at home every time you walk in to the store because you find those items which you have thought of before coming here.

We have all heard of a credit card, but how many among us have heard of an in store coupon. I am sure for many among you this is the first time. This is normal because this is one among the many new launches of the store. A in store coupon is one which you can use inside this store. It is a pre-paid card which you need to refill from time to time. This is something which is amazing because of two things. Firstly, you can avoid using your credit card and secondly, you can refill it when you have money and then use it any time you wish to. If this sounds great then keep reading to find out more.

For some of you Fashion Bug means some of the brands that it is there in their stocks. In today’s metro life it is not possible for you to go every time to the store and shop for the things that you want. It may so happen that you are away from the city and it is not possible for you to go. Now, Fashion Bug has come up with good news for you. You can know buy your own stuff just by being online. All that you need is a credit or the coupon cards in order to make the payments. It is a great advantage for those of you who travel a lot; because now your store is everywhere you go. In one way Fashion Bug travels along with you.