Fashion Week: New York, Sao Paulo, London, Milan

August 27th, 2009

York Fashion week New

The things that immediately comes to our mind when we hear about the word fashion are magazines, models, celebrities, designers and off course beautiful garments that are showcased in the different fashion weeks around the world. If you look apparently into these fashion weeks you might think that these are things for the elite, not only because of the stardom but also because the price that these designers clothes cost. But if you go deep into the matter then you will find a lot of connection between you and these fashion weeks. The primary question that needs to be raised in this particular case is what are trends? Well trends are those which are in fashion, where as those which are out of fashion is regarded as outdated. This is primarily what a fashion week does. It showcases the clothes that the designers have made and set trends in fashion for the public at large.

It may so happen that the clothes that you wear in your everyday life were showcased in one of the fashion weeks. Now we need to know what is a fashion weeks. The weeks in which the fashion fiesta takes place all around the world is regarded as the fashion weeks. The fashion week season starts with New York and then it is followed by the London. The penultimate fashion week is in Milan and then the season ends with Paris. The time in which the designers showcase their designs is from the month of January to March for their autumn and from September through November for their summer collections. The reason for holding these fashion weeks much earlier to that of the actual season is to give enough time to the retailers to make arrangements for purchase and also to incorporate the designs into their retail marketing.

You may wonder you indirectly get involved in a fashion week. The reason behind this being you were the clothes whose ideas are incorporated from the fashion weeks. Sometimes of these clothes are so costly that you cannot afford them, but there are also clothes which are very affordable by commoners like you. Probably in a wedding you can wear one of the designers’ clothes that are showcased in the bridal collection. The other reason why you can look forward to these fashion weeks is because of the specific trends that the designers set. Each and every fashion week has something unique to showcase.

For example, if you are looking for lingerie then you can have a look at the Sao Paulo fashion week, while the best in class ethnic designs is showcased in the Paris fashion week. These fashion weeks have become a great place for investments for the corporates. That is why the designers are finding it a platform to showcase their collections to a huge audience through the medium of live telecasting TV channels. But it is not only a place to have fun. Designers of the present genre are also raising their voices against social issues through their designs. The best example for this was the New York fashion week of 2006 where many designers protested against the US government through their designs. In Sao Paulo it was repeated in the same year, where the designers abandoned taking models of less than 16 years of age which was previously done unlawfully. So fashion weeks apparently looks like a place of fun but when you hear insiders account like this then you are bound to think some way differently.