Firestone Roofing: Product and Materials

August 26th, 2009

Material Firestone roofing Product

Wagons, buggies and some other form of wheeled carriages were common around 1900. Pneumatic tires became a necessity for such mediums of transportation. Harvey Firestone understood the necessity clearly. Along with this understanding came the realization that such tires can be effectively marketed for automobiles. The result of such understanding was the founding of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. Harvey set up the company in the year 1900. The company played the role of a pioneer in the field of bulk production of tires. It eventually became the supplier of equipment for Ford Motor Company. Replacement market was another place where the company made itself visible.

Firestone is an only company dominating in the roofing industry capable of producing enough products for every major sector in the economy. It is an active player in numerous industry associations providing excellent insightful ideas in the commercial roofing sector. Getting one step ahead, they also conduct seminars and webinars, with proper classroom activities and sessions conducted by seniors and Firestone experts.

The beginning

Akron in Ohio was the base from where the company started its journey with 12 employees. Akron was also the base of Firestone’s chief competitor Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. For a period that stretched beyond three-quarters of a century, these two companies together remained the biggest suppliers of automotive tires in entire North America. The year 1919 saw the incorporation of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, Canada in Hamilton of Ontario. The year 1922 was a landmark in the sense that the first tire made in Canada rolled off this year.

The journey

Oldfield tire, named after Barney Oldfield, the racing driver, was a product that Firestone launched in the 1920s. The company started sponsoring a radio program from the year 1928. This program was known as The Voice of Firestone. He program was later shifted to the television. Its broadcast stopped in 1963.

Brentford in England was a site that the company chose for setting up a factory. The factory that opened in 1928 was eventually closed in the year 1979.

The year 1951 was important in the company’s history. It received a significant defense contract this year. The contract was for the MGM-5 Corporal missile. A hefty amount of US,888,796 was paid to the company for producing the initial lot of 200 Missiles. The surface-to-surface guided missile was later upgraded. The up gradation made it capable of carrying nuclear payload. Later, MGM-29 Sergeant system replaced this missile. The change took place in 1962.

Roofing materials

Roofing materials include RubberGuard EPDM, Platinum EDPM, Garden Roofing, Ultraply TPO, Asphalt, Metal Roofing and Metal Building Recover. These roofing materials help you to build any kind of roofing using the comprehensive line of single-ply EPDM and thermoplastic, metal and asphalt based roofing systems. They also come equipped with customer support, impeccable warranties and in-depth training materials.

The importance of  Firestone ISO 95+ isolation is the most cost effective products reducing the energy related expenses and building’s environmental impact.