Flower Wholesale: Silk Artificial and Fresh Cut Flowers

October 14th, 2009

Artificial Flower wholesale Silk

Professional floral trade includes handling and taking care of flowers, arranging flowers and forming floral designs, merchandising as well as display and delivery of flowers. The trade is generally known by the name of floristry. People engaged in wholesale of flowers sell the flowers and related supplies in bulk to the trade professionals. The consumers on the other hand get fresh flowers and such other products from retail florists.

Floristry is a trade wide in its scope. Cultivation and arrangement of flowers are also included within its fold, besides actual selling of the flowers. The floral industry supports the trade of floristry. These days, online stores play an almost equally important role as florist shops in serving as sales outlets. Other popular outlets for flowers are the supermarkets, supply stores and the filling stations.

The job of a florist requires a good coordination between the hand and the eye. This is essential to ensure that the flowers are not damaged or destroyed at any point of time. The florists should also have a sound knowledge about the characters of the flowers in order to preserve the beauty of the flowers.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are the imitations of the natural ones which are mainly used for decoration purposes. Many modern techniques have been used to carve the artificial flowers into carved shapes using nylon netting stretched over wire frames, ground clay and mass produced injection plastic mouldings.

They can be made using different manufacturing process like cloth and paper, soap, clay and plastic. Best artificial silk flowers are available in many different styles too.
Anyone can get it in a bouquet or just a single rose. For special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, you could have your silk flowers in pretty little baskets.

Necessary skills

Diverse skills are required to perform the job of a florist. A florist should know which flowers are to be arranged together to make them look pleasant. Other skills needed include knowing the method of cutting, treating and arranging flowers in a way that will keep the flowers fresh for a long period of time. A deep understanding of customer requirements is also essential in the matter of sales.

Flowers are usually arranged in diverse patterns to create a beautiful effect. Such patterns include corsages, bouquets and wreaths. A florist should know how to form these patterns.

The requirements

A florist shop should always remain well stocked. This is achieved by regular purchase of flowers. The general forces governing the agricultural commodity market also influence the flower market. These forces include supply and demand, weather conditions and fashion trends. North America has several flower auctions and wholesale markets. United Flower Growers, Burnaby, The Boston Flower Exchange, British Columbia, The Los Angeles Flower District and the San Francisco Flower Market are some of them.

Miami and New York also have big wholesale flower markets. However, the companies in these places are not housed in any common facility.