Franklin Planner: Franklin Covey’s Store system

October 18th, 2009

Day Franklin planner Covey

An effective time management system serves a lot of purpose. The Franklin Planner is such a system. Created by Hyrum W. Smith, Franklin Covey is in charge of marketing this planner. Stephen Covey is its promoter. The mechanism of the planner consists of a ring binder holding loose pages that are designed in a special manner. Monthly tabs separate the pages. The planner has the capacity of accepting diverse kind of inserts and accessories. The planner serves the purpose of integrating tasks, appointments and personal records.

The system serves the purpose of a tickler file as well as of a long-range planner. Its unique design enables it to serve the two purposes at the same time. The annual version of the Franklin-Covey page inserts is very useful as it contains yearly calendars for at least a period of five years. In addition, it also carries at least three years’ monthly calendars and the running year’s pages as well as monthly calendars.
Tracking minute details and storage of agreements that have been signed are some of the benefits that the complete package of the system provides. Moreover, expenditures incurred for business or personal matters can also be tracked by this system. This is important for calculating taxes.

A time management workshop followed the first production of the Franklin Day Planner in 1984. A Stephen Covey publication, named the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, was released in 1989. Later, training and consultation based on the concepts of this publication were gradually developed. Franklin planner is also popularly known as personalized organizer and time manager.

The services

West Valley City in Utah is the traditional base of Franklin Covey. It is engaged in time management training. Its other services include assessment services that are provided to the organizations as well as individuals. Acquisition by Franklin Quest of Stephen R. Covey’s Covey Leadership Center led to the formation of the company. This happened on May 30, 1997.

Franklin Covey planning system is a major product of the company. It is partially modeled on the written works of Benjamin Franklin. The company has in its kitty around 80 retail stores in the US. Apart from this, it has its sales channels in not less than 50 countries.
Being a long planner, Franklin Covey system becomes a perfectly blended ticker file. The design and the structure of the system the annual versions of the page includes yearly, monthly for the three years and then the current year’s pages and associated monthly calendars for planning. If you use the system as a total package, then the system provides tracking of the smallest of the details and stores the signed agreements. It also tracks business and personal expenses along with the taxes. It comes to extensive usage to government and to the corporate world across the width and height of the United States. By itself, it creates a strategy of revenue from sales of books, seminars, stationery and other luxury accessorized grades.