Free Fold Envelope Templates for Invitations of Party

October 15th, 2009

Fold  Envelope template Free

There is hardly anybody who has not used an envelope in his entire life because one needs it while sending a card or covering a letter. There are several uses of an envelope and it varies from person to person depending on his needs. So, we can see a variety of layout and designs of an envelope depending on their purpose and use. This is the reason why there are a variety of templates available in the market. So, before we just learn about the various templates, the knowledge about the components and the envelope types will prove to be really helpful.     

Envelope and its parts

The parts of an envelope are front portion, back portion and flap. Address, postage and return address are the information that is inscribed on the front portion of an envelope. At the times the front portion also contains a transparent window through which the inner contents of an envelope are visible. There is no such information on the back portion and is generally left blank. It is the back portion where the flaps meet and are also sealed. The flaps are sealed to secure the inner contents of an envelope. The shape of the flap can be either rectangular or triangular with round or pointed corners. Generally there are for flaps in an envelope viz. at the top, at the bottom and one each at both the sides.    


Seams are the edges where the envelope flaps meet. They can either meet at the centre or appear to be diagonal (depends on the flap’s shape). When an envelope is folded, the flaps at the back are folded. This results in the development of creases at the sides, top and bottom of an envelope. These creases are referred as folds.    

Leaving aside only one side all the other sides of an envelope is closed and is used for the insertion of material. The opening can either be at the top or at any one of the sides.

Envelope Sizes

Envelopes come in many different sizes, but there are certain standard sizes that offer the maximum benefit. The biggest benefit of the standard sized envelope is that it can save both your valuable money as well as time. The use of standard sized envelope also makes the mailing process very convenient. Business envelopes are required for business correspondences like billing etc. So, if you want envelopes for the purpose of business communication then you can use the most common business envelopes, the commercial envelopes.      

Envelopes for announcement

Announcement envelopes are used for the commercial announcement or communication of social invitation. These types of envelopes can carry a flat cad or a folded card inside it and are best suited for these needs.