Free information on how to obtain Papers to become the Legal Guardian of a Child

September 3rd, 2009

Become Legal guardian PapersWhat is a legal guardian? A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority to care for the personal matters, as well as property matters of another individual. In most cases, a person with a guardian is usually a minor, incapacity, and disability. A change of guardianship usually requires a court issued document before the change takes effect. However, a parent has the right determine who will take over guardianship in the event that the parent would become deceased or incapable of properly caring for the child. This is because a parent is recognized as the natural guardian of a child. Becoming the legal guardian of a child will require you to follow legal processes, as well as complete the right legal documents and forms. Doing this will be important in order for the guardianship to be legal and recognized.

Becoming a legal guardian of a child will require you to follow the legal steps carefully The first thing you need to do is make a trip to your country clerk’s office. Your county clerk will provide you with the necessary paperwork and documents needed to become a legal guardian. The parent of the child will also need to fill out an application requesting appointing. This process will be supervised by the local probate court. The family of the parent and child must be notified of the request, in order to appear in the court and object the request. When approving a person suitable for guardianship, the court will consider matters like the ability to provide food and shelter for the child, and if the child forms a bond with the adult seeking guardianship. If the child is age twelve or older, the court will take into consideration the wishes of that child.

What to expect when trying to gain guardianship of a child This process could take eight to twelve weeks. For whatever reason, if you would need guardianship rights before the guardianship is granted and legal, you can ask the court to grant you temporary guardianship. Gaining guardianship can be costly. In Texas, The county clerk’s fee varies from county to county, however the median price is about 0. You will also need to provide the court with documentation of an exam from a licensed physician in your state. The court must decide if this is in the best interest of the child, before granting the guardianship. You can receive help from the government after gaining guardianship. Some courts require the natural guardians to pay child support.

Know how to maintain your guardianship If the guardianship is approved and becomes granted, the court will issue letters of guardianship to the county clerk’s office. Letters of guardianship are evidence of authority of the guardian to act on behalf of the child. Letters of guardianship will expire sixteen months after the date of issue. Renewing the letters of guardianship will require an annual report of the person, if the court approves that report, new letters will be issued.