Fulfill your Technical and Power Tattoo Supply needs with Superior Wholesale Stores

August 25th, 2009

Power Tattoo supply TechnicalWhen entering the tattoo business, it is important to buy your tattoo supplies from superior wholesale stores in order to prevent your supplies from becoming too costly When you purchase your merchandise from wholesale providers you can receive a significant price discount from buying your items in larger quantities. You can save a great amount of money when purchasing your technical and power tattoo supplies. Power and technical tattoo supplies tend to be the most costly items to buy. When purchasing these items, or any other tattoo supply needs you may have you should purchase your items from Kingpin tattoo supply. Kingpin Tattoo Supply offer all of your tattoo supply needs for the best and lowest available prices.

Kingpin Tattoo Supply has been open since 1996 It has evolved from a custom needle building shop into a full service professional tattoo supply company. Kingpin Tattoo Supply manufactures their own brand line of quality tattoo equipment and offers an extensive range of medical and piercing supplies as well. The main goal of Kingpin Tattoo Supply is to provide Tattoo professionals with the highest quality products at the best possible prices while maintaining the integrity of the supplies, and offering their customers with the highest level of customer service. The Kingpin Tattoo Supply is based out of Saint Petersburg, Florida and is for the most part an online based business, because the majority of their profit is generated from online purchases.

The Kingpin Tattoo Supply Company offers an extensive variety of products which make it a one stop shop for your entire tattoo, piercing, and medical supply needs Kingpin Tattoo Supply offers tattoo machines and parts, power supplies and accessories, tubes, tips and grips, tattoo needles, tattoo inks and accessories, tattoo shop equipment, medical and sterile supplies, clean room products, pin striping supplies, body jewelry, tattoo flash, henna tattoos, books, art supplies, and other merchandise. You can view the Kingpin Tattoo Supply catalog online, or you can receive each volume of the Kingpin Tattoo Supply catalog through regular mail services and place your order over the phone. Placing your order for Kingpin Tattoo Supplies is easy. You simply select the item, adjust the amount of quantity of would like to order, and then you can place the items into the online shopping cart.

Kingpin Tattoo Supply is dedicated to providing the best customer service They have provided exceptional customer service by providing the convenience of online shopping, by providing mailing lists for the Kingpin Tattoo Supply Catalog, and by providing the best possible deals on all of their tattoo, piercing, and medical supplies as they possibly can. In order to reach a wider quantity of customers, Kingpin Tattoo Supply offers national, as well as international shipping on all online or catalog orders placed at Kingpin Tattoo Supply. This makes it possible for Kingpin Tattoo Supply customers all over the world to have the means to buy products. Kingpin Tattoo Supply will ship orders directly to the purchaser’s residence or other desired location.