Gaining British Citizenship: Test, Applying, Application Form and other Necessities

September 30th, 2009

Applying British citizenship TestSelf Test: Are you a British Citizen? Are you looking to move to the UK and become a British Citizen?

If so, then there are certain things to need to know before going through the process of obtaining your British citizenship. First and foremost, there are six different forms of British nationality, only one of which is called “British citizenship.” The other classifications include British overseas citizenship, British overseas territories citizenship, British national overseas, British protected person and British subject. There are different rules and regulations pertaining to each of these types of British nationalism.

It’s possible to be a British citizen, or be eligible to qualify as a British citizen and not even know it. Generally, you are considered a British citizen if you were born in the United Kingdom or, if you were born outside the United Kingdom but one or both of your parents are British citizens.

If not, then you may have another type of British nationality. However, to be able to fully work and live in Britain, you need to acquire British citizenship.

Applying for British Citizenship There are three different ways you can apply for British citizenship. The first is called Nationality Checking Service (NCS) which is provided by your city council. This is a fairly new service and has been widely successful. The NCS will help you with your forms and pass the information on to the authority. You will also be able to keep the copies of your documents while you wait for your application to be processed and approved.

Another system of applying is through a migration agent. They will act on your behalf and give you advice on applying. However, in order to ensure success, make sure your migration agent is registered with the Office of Immigration Service Commissioner. If you have a complex case or are simply overwhelmed by the entire process, this is your best bet.

Or, you can opt to apply direction to the authority. You must submit original documents or certified photocopies of everything.

What to Expect after the Application Process Regardless of how you apply, you will need to also include the payment amount which varies depending on your situation and is usually around £400 to £ 775. You can expect to wait around seven months for your application to be processed.

If you are successful then you will be invited to partake in a ceremony and take an oath pledging your sincerity and respect to the Queen.

Thinking outside the British Citizenship Form There are several other things that you need to take into consideration once you become a British citizen. If you decide to travel back to your home country you may have some difficulties. While Britain recognises dual citizenship, many other countries do not and thus you may be forced to give up one of your nationalities upon becoming a British citizen.