Georgia Child Support Recovery Services: Law Enforcement and New Guidance when you Need it Most

August 29th, 2009

Law Child georgia support EnforcementGeorgia Child Support Guidelines Dealing with child support cases can be a messy business. Even in the most civil cases there are still complications and problems that you just don’t want to face alone. Luckily you don’t have to.

Georgia Child Support Services is there from start to finish. Whether you need help obtaining paternity, want assistance claiming child support, need guidance enforcing the payments or simply do not understand the process, the Georgia Child Support Services and the office of enforcement will be able to help.

Georgia Child Support New Guidelines In January 2007 the Office of Child Support Services established a new set of guidelines for child support services. The new guidelines make it easier to calculate the payments and enforce the child support laws to make sure that all cases all handled maturely and reasonably. They have re-structured and now use seven efficient steps in solving child support cases.
Georgia Child Support Steps 1-4: Paternity Discovery and Recovery of Funds The first four steps are all about finding the father of the child and beginning the application process to get the support you need. First you need to open a child support case by phoning and scheduling an appointment. There is an application form and a fee of that needs to be brought to the appointment.

The next step is locating the non-custodial parent. If you don’t know where the father is, who the father is or where they live, this can take several months. However, the Georgia Child Support Services is committed to finding them and establishing a payment. The father may need to take a paternity test (step three) which is 99 percent accurate.

The fourth step involves filing a support order based on the guidelines. The payment calculator looks at criteria such as number of children, both parent’s income and lifestyle when determining the child support order.

Georgia Child Support Steps 5-7: Law Enforcement and Payment Processing The payment is set up in step five. Generally the payment will be directly taken out of the non-custodial parents pay check as set up with his employer. The employer will be contacted directly as a way to ensure the payments are actually being made.

However, sometimes the non-custodial parents still does not pay, and when this is the case, law enforcement action must be taken. This is step six. There are ways that the office of enforcement handles these situations. While sometimes the father will be sent to court and sentenced, other times the child will receive the owed money by intercepting federal income tax refunds, reporting to credit bureaus, revoking a driver’s license and other means necessary.

The final step is reviewing the order, the payments and disbursing the owed funds. This new uncomplicated system makes it the process of claiming and paying child support as simple as it possibly can be.

After all, there are too many other stresses in our daily lives without worrying about the child support payments.