Get free a free Microsoft Brochure Template with one fold or two!

September 21st, 2009

Fold Brochure template Free Free Brochure Templates and Flyers Take a business winning tip from many giant corporations to your local successful real estate agent. Don’t just hand someone a business card for your business, use a brochure or flyer to entice them to check out your services in detail. Any business can benefit from using a brochure or a flyer which can describe quickly what you have to sell long after your potential client has left. Luckily for all small business owners just getting started, there are a great number of flyer and brochure templates available for download free.

Brochure Templates with a Fold Any template you consider should be pre-formatted to include where the fold will fall in the document. The template then should have columns for you to input your graphics and text. Templates may already have logos or content ready, but this does not mean that you have to use it. Look at the template layout to get ideas for your unique business.

Brochure Templates with Microsoft Word If you use Microsoft Word, you will find that your selection of templates is enormous. A little research will go a long way to helping your company save money by not hiring a professional design agency for a product you can easily get free. This is a process that is best done by taking your time “auditioning” all the templates you can find. Never look at a template as a final document and take some time to creatively consider how you might customize it to be your own.

The Basics of Design for a Brochure Template Always use the front of the brochure to catch the reader’s attention. A best practice is to put your logo, your tagline, and contact information somewhere on the front so buyers can find it fast. Carefully look at the brochure template and think about how to make brief statements about your unique selling proposition. Use the inside of the brochure to describe this unique selling proposition quickly. Do not write a ton of words as often readers will only take in small snippets of information. You want to make sure they get the most important points before you lose their attention. A best practice is to use bullet points to describe the services quickly. Include happy customer testimonials on the back of the flyer to provide more immediate confidence that your business is well worth the purchase.

To get these templates printed, it is often best to save the file as a PDF. The reason why you would want to give a PDF to the print house is that they will not be able to make any changes to your document once it is in this format. Free Adobe software will help you to be able to view the document later. If your business is trying to reduce their carbon footprint (which it should be), ask for the printer to use recycled paper or another eco-friendly material. Advertise that you use eco-friendly products in your printing by including a small note somewhere in the flyer.

With a little time investment, brochure templates will save your business a lot of money and will also save you the time it would make to create the template from scratch. Even if you’re just starting out, you’ll look like your business fits in right with all the pros.