Greek Embassy in London, Chicago, New York and Toronto

August 28th, 2009

Chicago Greek embassy London

An embassy is a place where ambassadors of a particular country live and work. They are high officials of the government and there primary activity is to enhance the bilateral relationship between the two countries in every aspect. All the countries have their embassies in the countries with which they have a relationship either in terms of trade or in terms of culture. People of the native land can have access to these places if they are on tour or want to business with the other land. After you complete reading this article you will have a sound knowledge about the services which the Greek Embassy provides in the major cities like London, Chicago, New York and Toronto.

London Greek Embassy

Let us first begin with London the largest city of the world. The Greek Embassy is located in 1A Holland Park, which has the post code W11 3TP. If you visit there office or even go through there website then you will find out about the host of services that they provide for the general public. If any one of you is panning a holiday in Greece then the best place where you can find out about the details is the embassy. Besides they also conduct many cultural and business activities which will help you know about the place in a better way. The main activity of the embassy is to create awareness among the people in London about what is going on in Greece and at the same time also help the people from the native land to know London in a better way.

Greek Embassy in NewYork, Chicago

The Greek is also present in the two major cities of United States of America, Chicago and New York. These two important cities of the country are known for the presence of the business people. Corporate houses from around the world have their offices in these two cities. It is because of this particular reason the activities of the embassy is also very much inclined towards trade and commerce. It is the entry point for all those who want to conduct bilateral trade with in the two countries. Over the years the embassy has played a key role in all the trade and commerce related issues that have taken place with in the two countries. But it also provides some cultural services to enhance and exchange the rich cultural that Greece has over the years.

In Toronto, Canada the Greek embassy is has its office located in 365, Bloor Street East. They offer services regarding main issues for the common people of their native land. One of the main services which it provides is the authorization service. In the absence of a consulate the embassy has got the full authority of authorizing any documents on behalf of the government. They also hold seminars on cross cultural relation between the two countries in order to enhance the exchange between two cultural minds.

Almost all the Greek Embassy has the authority to provide the visa which you need at the time you travel to Greece. So take the advice of these embassies any time you want to visit the land from the where the Olympic is first lit.