How to Become a Body Guard: Training, Jobs and the Reality soundtrack behind the Movie

September 17th, 2009

Soundtrack Body guard TrainingTraining to Become a Body Guard So, you want to become a body guard? Body guards are highly publicized and respected figures. Personal celebrity body guards are constantly gracing the tabloids; Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner shared the ultimate love affair in the movie The Body Guard; and infamous body guard Chuck Zito built a career out of using his body guard status. However, there is more to being a body guard than the public glory.

Much more more.

Most people who are looking into becoming a body guard are already skilled to handle the dangerous situations that they may face. This is because most body guards are either ex military officers or ex law enforcers. However, if you want to become a body guard you can also attend a school that specialize in training body guards. Courses vary depending on what type of job you are after. Schools will take you for the worst possible situations so that you will be prepared for everything and anything.

The Body Guard Soundtrack to Success Kevin Costner may have been the ultimate body guard but there is much more to being successful than simply good looks.

Most body guards will also have to have certain characteristics. For example, they need to be organized. There is much more to being a body guard than just guarding celebrities from the rain or the public. You need to organize trips, plan routes to events and establish the best way to get your employer in and out with minimum hassle.

You need to be good with people as you have to deal with different types of people all day. However, you also must be very patient as often you will literally be sitting and waiting for your employer all day long.

Jobs as a Body Guard There are plenty of jobs as a body guard, both in and outside of Hollywood. However, this does not mean that you will be working alongside Nicole Kidman or Britney Spears. While celebrities do hire body guards, other people do as well including businessmen, politicians and those worried about their lives for whatever reason.

The Body Guard Movie versus Reality The reality of being a body guard is that it can be incredibly boring, degrading, demanding and dangerous. You may or may not enjoy working with your employer and you will be treated like a lower class citizen in many cases.

While Whitney and Kevin fell in love in the movie, the truth is that, in some cases you will have little interaction with your employer. You are there to guard them and that’s it.

Furthermore, it can be incredibly dangerous. While Princess Diana’s bodyguard was the sole survivor, most of the time, body guards are the first to go down. In fact, it is your job to be the first one down. After all, you need to protect your employer, no matter what. For many, this can be too much; however, for others, this is the rush they are looking for.