How to find job openings and apply as a caregiver in Spain

October 3rd, 2009

Apply Caregiver in spain JobWhat is involved with a job as a caregiver in SpainWorking as a caregiver in Spain is a unique and interesting job where an individual attends to the personal care of an elderly individual usually in exchange for housing and possibly a stipend. This work is challenging and demanding that requires an individual to take care of the cleaning, cooking, bathing, assistance with going to the bathroom, personal care, and general companionship to their elderly client. There also may be some driving involved to doctor’s appointments and shopping for groceries. The job as a caregiver in Spain also involves making sure that all medications are taken properly. Working as a caregiver in Spain is intense, especially since caregivers are living and working with the client and they can ask anything of caregivers, day or night. Generally, caregivers will have two days off but depending on the health of the person they are taking care of it may be less than that.

How to apply for a job a caregiver in Spain Obtaining a job as a caregiver in Spain begins with an application. Caregivers will have to fill out an extensive application where they are expected to include a resume. Resumes in Spain follow a different model than in other countries and should include a recent color photo, a frequently checked email address, an address, a list of language skills, a list of formal education, references, and a birth date. In Spain age discrimination is prevalent, especially in Madrid so when seeking work as a caregiver, employment agencies will most likely not call someone in to interview who is under 45. Also, agencies in Spain conduct an extensive background check since you will be staying and may even live with your elderly client.

How to find openings as a caregiver in Spain Searching for a position as a caregiver can be difficult. A lot times these positions are given to select few, and passed down through personal recommendations. The best way to find a job a caregiver in Spain, without prior connections is through an employment agency, local newspapers, or websites such as Craig list that list care giving opportunities. You can also place an ad listing your services. The best bet and most reliable resource to find an opening as a caregiver in Spain is through an agency. They have specific listings based on your qualifications, including salary needs. Once accepted, agencies generally conduct various training sessions where caregivers will learn about their clients including their special needs and the specific duties of a caregiver in Spain.

How to search for work as caregiver in Spain while in Canada Canadian citizens seeking employment as a caregiver in Spain will need to search online or contact agencies over the phone. This may be an extensive process that should be factored into the projected time a caregiver wants to be in Spain. Contacting agencies over the phone may also be difficult if residents from Canada do not speak Spanish. The timeline may also be extended since a lot of paperwork needs to be dealt with including a work permit. Canadian citizens can obtain work permits through the consultant, keeping in mind that permits may take 3-6 months to process. Additionally, references, a picture, employment history is needed to work as a caregiver in Spain.