Investing in the Cold Fusion E-Cat of Andrea Rossi : is it a good financial investment?

November 4th, 2012

Two Italian scientists by the name of Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi, have invented a new energy-efficient way of producing energy. Mainly taking credit for the invention is Mr. Rossi. His invention, the E-Catalyzer, is a device used to multiply amps by way of cold fusion. The cold fusion process is obtained by using two of the most common recources on the planet, nickel and hydrogen.

It would be impossible for me to fully describe how it works but Rossi describes it to the press like this. Powdered nickel reacts with a solution created by Rossi when it is placed in hot water. High pressure Hydrogen inserted into tubes are also hooked up to the reactor. The device then gives off two things, power and steam. The process is referred to as LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.

At the moment, this invention is being used to heat factories in Greece. A great way it could benefit America would be powering vehicles. This would be similar to the “Hybrid” movement going on in the states. Imagine a vehicle that could power itself for up to four years. One that would not give off nuclear or any kind of toxic waste. This would not only be an environmentally friendly car, but a very profitable car. The market for eco-friendly solutions are booming in America. An investment in this kind of technology could potentially benefit the investorin many ways.

cold fusion stocks and investmentsE-trade is not marketing stock for defkalion Green Technologies yet. This is a Greek company in direct partnership with Mr. Rossi. Some other big companies to look for with this new technology will be Hyperion and AmpEnergo. Hyperion is a greek term for the “Goddess of Light” which is a fitting term for this new Eco-friendly era. AmpEnergo is an American company that will have royalties on  selling the Mr. Rossi’s technology for heating homes in the USA market.

As far as opinion of the general American public go, there are many people skeptical of this new invention. However, I believe that if there is over 200 million dollars in investing in europe, positive testing done by other scientists, and so much publication of the invention, then whats not to trust? I will be researching the issue much more before investing myself but it definitly seems worth while.