Investment Bank Review:The Valence Group

November 19th, 2012

The Valence Group (TVG) is a chemical investment bank. TVG makes loans to companies and individuals mainly in the materials and chemicals industry. TVG fund loans for start-ups that sell or distribute: additives, compounds, fertilizers, paints, adhesives, sealants, and other chemicals. They can also assist organizations and entrepreneurs with mergers and acquisition services. TVG has offices in New York, London, and Shanghai. Here is a closer look at The Valence Group chemicals investment bank.

Pros: The Valence Group
There are TVG pros that you should know. This company has funds available for chemical companies that are facing financial difficulties. The Valence Group will really try to help your business succeed. They have successfully closed 200 chemical transactions valued at more than $80 billion dollars. Clients feel very comfortable knowing that they are dealing with a reputable and well-established team of chemical bank executives. TVG is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and have legal requirements to operate in 27 US states and territories. Valence can provide research information about chemical companies to help buyers and sellers make business decisions.

Cons: The Valence Group
There are TVG cons that you should know. Valence is a young company that was formed in Delaware in 2007. They seek to fund projects in specialized business categories. It will be very difficult for companies and individuals outside of the chemicals and materials industry to obtain financing for a business from TVG. Most banks offer loans for cars, homes, businesses, and education. This is not a multi-service bank. You can not make regular bank deposits at TVG. This is an investment bank. TVG was built to sell and buy financial services and make a profit. Investment banks like Valence are sometimes disliked because of conflicts of interests and the large pay checks they receive.

The Bottom Line: The Valence Group
This is a chemicals investment bank that lends money to make money. Businesses and organizations need capital investments to start new businesses, to make products, to hire employees, and to invest in new technology. In the process, TVG increases revenue for its shareholders. The Valence Group is helping qualified companies and individuals all around the world.