Invoice Templates: Download Free Excel and Word for your Business

October 13th, 2009

Excel Invoice template FreeFree Invoice Templates An invoice is an important piece of documentation that keeps track of your finances. Essentially, an invoice is a bill sent out to a company from another company for goods or services. An invoice is needed when doing any sort of business transaction.

An invoice should include your company name and information, your partnership companies name and information, the amount, the name of the goods, the quantity of goods, the date, the terms of payment and any other information pertaining to the exchange of business.

For those new to the business world, or for those with a small home business, you will most likely need some sort of invoicing system. Luckily there are free invoice templates that you can download online.

Invoice Templates for Word and Excel These are free for sales and general use. You can use these templates and add your own information. Simply fill in the blanks, save, and you’re done. Many of these templates are compatible with Microsoft Excel, a leading company for business related computing. However, other invoices come in free word programs such as Microsoft Word or Wordpad and even Excel.

Why Download an Invoice Template? It’s always a good idea to look at a sample invoice, especially if you are unsure what an invoice should look like. This is because you need to ensure your invoice is professional. Without a proper invoicing system, you will not only lose your credibility but you could also lose track of your business transactions. This could result in a loss of money.

It’s a good idea to keep track of all invoices you have sent and received on both paper and with a computing system. Invoices can be split up by date or company. For example, when filing your invoices, you may choose to file by the months, or by the different company names. This part of invoicing is entirely up to you and your organizational preferences.

Choosing Excel or Word for your Invoice Template There are a few reasons to go with either an Excel based spreadsheet or a Word based document for your invoice. If your invoice is a personal reference for your eyes only, an excel spreadsheet may be the best. This is because you can carefully document every transaction in an easy to understand column based format. Although it may not make sense to outsiders, especially if you have a lot of different invoices on the same spreadsheet, it works for you.

If you need to send your invoice out to a client then you should make it professional with a word based document. Make sure the invoice includes you signature, your terms of payments, your company logo and information and a simple understanding on what the transaction entails. You should also include any additional information such as shipping costs, taxes and terms of contract.

An invoice is a way to keep track of your business finances. Without it, you can lose track of your sales and eventually lose business.