Jack Daniels: The Drink, the Distillery, the Dream

August 23rd, 2009

Daniel Jack daniels DistilleryThe Jack Daniels Distillery When you think of whiskey, you most likely think of Jack Daniels. This is because Jack Daniels is one of the most sought out whiskeys all over the world. Distilled in Tennessee since 1866, Jack Daniels is associated with the good times and 20th century legends.

From Jimmy Page to Frank Sinatra, from rock and roll to country music, Jack Daniel’s is the whiskey of choice and a part of our culture.

The whiskey is distilled using sugar maple charcoal which gives it a distinguished taste from the traditional bourbon whisky. The whiskey is 40% alcohol by volume, or 80 US proof.

Apart from the traditional Jack Daniels whiskey, the company also has Gentleman Jacks and Jack Daniels Single Barrel. They used to have a ‘black label’ bottle that was 90 US proof and a ‘green label’ bottle that was 86 US proof. However, this is above the US standards as of today.

The Jack Daniel History Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel was the founder of the Jack Daniels distillery which is recorded as opening in 1866. The distillery ran smoothly and was passed on to Jack’s nephew Len Motlow in 1907.

During Lem’s reign as master distiller Tennessee passed a law against the distilling in Tennessee. Lem moved the business to Missouri and Alabama but with not as much luck as the ban on distillation took effect in both these states as well. During the war production was once again halted.

However, in 1947, the company was back on its feet and continues strong to this very day in Lynchburg Tennessee. The company is now called “Jack Daniels Distillery, Lem Motlow Prop” but will is normally just known as “Jack.”

Beyond the Drink: The Jack Daniels’ Franchise Jack Daniels is more than just a whiskey. In the 21st century, and under the owners the Brown Forman beverage company, Jack has become a household name.

They have expanded into towels, t-shirts, belt buckles, hats, socks, boxer shorts, and every other clothing item. Women strut on the beach in a Jack Daniels’ bikini while men toss around their Jack Daniels’ Frisbee. Jack Daniels even makes a barbeque sauce flavored by their classic smooth whiskey. The sauce is used in many famous recipes from chicken to steak dishes.

Furthermore, the Jack Daniels distillery has moved into sponsorships, currently sponsoring NASCAR drivers.

Sore Throat: The Jack Daniels Aftermath Many people choose to drink Jack because it is a smooth tasting whiskey. It tastes good on its own but you can also mix it with your favorite mix to make a smooth tasting cocktail. Wise Men, All Jacked Up, Apple Jack and the Drunken Jimmy are just some of the hundreds of different drink recipes featuring Jack Daniels.

After a long night with Jack, many people complain about whiskey throat, a sore throat caused by drinking too much whiskey. Smooth taste in the evening; sore throat in the morning- it’s all part of the Jack Daniels experience.