Jobs at California Mall provide Sun Valley Jobs

October 11th, 2009

Mall Sun valley jobs JobSun Valley Jobs: Find a job The Sun Valley Mall is located in Contra Costa County in California. The Sun Valley mall is the largest regional shopping center in the area, providing approximately one hundred seventy retail shops, services and restaurants. Sun Valley Mall is home to numerous popular store franchises. The Sun Valley mall attracts visitors from all over, including out of town shoppers. The continued popularity of the Sun Valley mall offers continuous growth opportunities and is constantly opening new stores and restaurants as well as other specialty shops. The Sun Valley Mall now spans over an area of seventy nine acres and is one million four hundred five thousand square feet. The Sun Valley Mall is spread over a multi-level, climate controlled, enclosed retail structure.

Sun Valley Jobs Mall Continuous growth, expansion and popularity of the Sun Valley Mall provide regular employment opportunities in numerous different stores. The mall provides stores of diverse types. Such as Beauty, Health and fitness stores, Cell phone services and accessories, children’s fashion and toys, department stores, entertainment, food specialty, home furnishings, jewelry and accessories, luggage, gifts, cards, books, men’s fashion, music and electronics, restaurants, services, shoes, sporting goods, athletic wear, and women’s fashion. The Sun Valley Mall provides employment for a large fraction of community residents of the Sun Valley area. This amount increases during holidays due to the demand of employees needed during holiday shopping seasons. The Sun Valley Mall takes pride in being a large mall but having a community feel. Sun Valley encourages individuals of diverse backgrounds to apply, since the Sun Valley shopping mall is an equal opportunity employer and believes in supporting individuals to work as well as giving them the means to work.

The Sun Valley Mall is a large mall with a community oriented focus. On a regular basis, the Sun Valley Mall provides frequent events for the community and area residents. One of the most popular events provided by the Sun Valley Mall is the mall walker’s time. The mall walker’s time is one hour before the designated opening time of the mall stores. For instance, on weekdays the mall is open at 9AM for walkers and is open on 10AM on Sundays for walking. The Sun Valley mall also takes part in numerous charity and fund raising events in order to give back to local communities as well as nationwide causes.

Sun Valley Jobs in CA Applying for a job at the Sun Valley Shopping Mall is simple. You can simply make a visit to customer service at the Sun Valley Mall which is located on the lower level by the grand court. However, if you are unavailable to make a stop in to check out the employment opportunities you will enjoy the convenience of being able to view available jobs online at the Sun Valley Mall website. To view the postings, simply go to the “jobs” category on the website. The website is kept up to date and post new opportunities regularly. Each posting will have instructions on how to go about applying for the position.