Looking for Real Estate in Texas? Stats about Real Estate from San Antonio and Houston to Austin and Dallas

August 31st, 2009

Antonio Texas real estate SanHome Grown Texas Real Estate San Antonio and Beyond Texas is a beautiful state with sunny skies, friendly people and rich in American culture. Home to several sports teams including the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Cowboys, Texas’s love of all things American is hard to ignore. Famous Texans include former President George W. Bush and his father, Anna Nicole Smith, Jamie Foxx, and Owen and Luke Wilson. This southern state, with its laid back lifestyle and cowboy atmosphere is a great destination to start a family and build a home. However, with the recent recession and credit crunch, real estate in Texas, like in most of America, has been plummeting. From San Antonio to Austin, we survey the trends of housing prices in recent times to determine when, and where, the best housing deals are located.

San Antonio Texas Real Estate San Antonio has plenty of houses for sale in the area with a whopping 10,500 houses up for grabs. However, they also have over 2,000 foreclosures in the neighborhoods and only 500 homes recently sold. These statistics would suggest that, unfortunately, the market trends are not too good. The average house in San Antonio is selling for over 8,000 but the median sales price is only ,000, down 42 percent.

Houston Texas Real Estate Trends In Houston, the real estate market has been up and down recently. The average house price is just over 5,000 while median sales price is just over ,000. There are over 6,600 homes for sale in the Houston area and over 2,600 recent foreclosures. Commission for realtors is at a high with over 1,000 homes recently sold. The popular neighborhoods in Houston include Neartown-Montrose, Clear Lake, Greater Heights, Great Uptown and Alief with average house prices ranging from 5,000 to 8,000. Most of these averages are down.

Austin and Dallas Texas Real Estate Trends The Austin market is looking a little more promising, and expensive. The average house in Austin currently runs for over 4,000 with the median sales price rose 24 percent to nearly 5,000. There are nearly 7,000 homes for sale, over 100 recently sold and nearly 600 foreclosures in the Austin area. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Allendale, West Oak Hill, Brentwood, Garrison Park and Hyde Park, where most houses are in the standard 5-350,000 price range.

In Dallas, Texas, the prices continue to rise. The average list price nearly hit 0,000 with median sales rising to ,900. With 4,000 homes for sale and 1,000 homes recently sold, the market looks to be picking up. House prices continue to rise and some of the popular neighborhoods on the map include Preston Hollow, M Streets, North Dallas, Oak Lawn and Far North Dallas. House prices in these pricey neighborhoods range from 0,000 to over 0,000. So, no matter where you are looking to relocate to, the Texas real estate market is ready for you.