Manage Your Shipments Based on Your Needs

May 27th, 2013

The Irving, Texas based company, eShipglobal, has created a website that does more than meet customer’s needs. Launched in 1999 it has found a niche where with it’s website they provide services that not only keep their customers running smoothly but gives them the ability to expand and operate with less effort.
gives a comprehensive overview of everything this amazing company will do with little work or worry from their customers. From this website potential clients can be completely informed about every option available to them before scheduling the free demo. On the homepage customers are set at ease by watching a video that gives the broad stokes of what can be done and can then easily navigate the website for more specifics like products offered, industries served, and services provided.

Some of the features offered are from their software engineers like hazmat shipping software that helps with IATA and DOT compliance, along with making sure that all users are properly trained by combining with customer training databases. Clients in the medical, education, and manufacturing industries take advantage of this software because it frees them from worry about keeping up with both national and international codes and regulations which helps protect them from fines, lawsuits, and shutdowns.

Freight management software helps with carrier contracts; actual shipping both in- and outbound; automating auditing, payments, and allocation; and reconciling your records with all shipments from documents to freight and hazardous materials. Ease of use allows the customer to enter their shipping and cost accountability information into the software and eShipGlobal takes care of the rest sending out one itemized bill regardless of the amount of packages sent or the destination.

Transportation logistics software coupled with the other software options compare the transportation time and cost along with real time GPS tracking of the product until it is delivered. EShipGLobal ships internationally using carriers, like UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express, in 230 countries making sure they pick the company that best fits their customer’s needs.

EShipGlobal also offers 1-touch shipping stations,consulting and application services, updates of internal accounting systems, software and platform integration, and application hosted and data services to help make your company work more efficiently with others and itself. is the most comprehensive and easiest business website I have worked with. They give both an email and phone number to contact them which is different and refreshing.

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