New Jersey (NJ) Child Support Services: Payment Calculator, Case Information and Making Sense the Child Support Law

September 17th, 2009

Case  Child nj support CalculatorChild NJ Support: Your Child Support Case and Payment Calculator Not all families are cookie cutter perfect. There are millions of single mothers and fathers out there who are struggling to get by. Without the help from both incomes it can be impossible to keep up on payments and ensure that your child is financially secure.

Just because your family has split up doesn’t mean your child should suffer. Both parents should be responsible for the welfare of their child, regardless of who the custodial parent is and who the non custodial parent is. You have a responsibility to your child; you also have a responsibility to the law.
The New Jersey Division of Family Development has teamed up with county welfare agencies, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the County Family Division of the Superior Court and the County Probation Division in order to ensure that all aspects of your child support case are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

Child NJ Support Case Every case is different. This is why the Division of Family Development and the NJ Child Support Service look into every situation and try to find the best possible solution. Your payments will depend on many factors including the income of both parents, the lifestyle, health care and the different responsibilities.

The NJ Child Support Services have a special payment calculator and processor to determine how much you will pay or receive for child support. When attending an appointment you need to bring in as much supporting evidence and documentation about your income, taxes, child care services, health care insurances and other daily expenses in order to get the most accurate calculated payment plan.

NJ Child Support and Law Enforcement In some cases the non custodial parent may be more reluctant to make the appropriate child support payments. It can be a huge burden trying to track down your child’s father or mother and demand the money. This is why the NJ Child Support Services have teamed up with the Courts to ensure that the law is strictly enforced.

For those who do not make the payments there are certain repercussions. You will be sent to court and sentenced in some cases. While some choose to have a lawyer present, others do not. In any case, the judging will rule the same: you have a responsibility to support your child and this means paying the child support.

The NJ Child Support Services is dedicated to ensuring you pay, and receive the support you need to take care of your child in every way possible.

General Information about NJ Child Support Whether you are filing a child support claim or whether you have questions regarding your payments, you may need additional help. The NJ Child Support Services have a hotline, a resourceful website and several addresses where you can book an appointment with someone who can help make sense of your situation.