NTEC Facilitates MedTech and CleanTech Startups through Investment

February 14th, 2013

The nonprofit group North Texas Enterprise Center (NTEC) is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to Dallas venture capital firms. They stimulate the improving economic outlook by providing exciting opportunities for investors to become an integral part of the Med Tech and Clean Tech industries.

NTEC nurtures new businesses in these fields by uniting potential investors with marketable new companies. NTEC brings together entrepreneurs that offer promising technologies and methods with Dallas venture capital firms and their partners.

By seeking out responsible ways to invest capital they are proactively improving the quality of life for all concerned.

NTEC’s methods for driving economic opportunity, creative and pioneering, are varied and studied. Like their donation of the first place prize for the SMU Cox Business Plan Competition of 2009, special industry related events such as the annual MedVentures Conference and their Executive Education Luncheon Series, to name only some of their many pro business initiatives.

Venture capital organizations throughout the United States, recognizing the enormous potential profits of this strategic investing in Med Tech and Clean Tech industries, have partnered with NTEC and other Dallas venture capital firms to pool their enviable resources.

All to enable Med Tech and Clean Tech start ups to do what they do best, innovate.
The farseeing companies and individuals that make up this investment group, the Venture Alliance Partner Program (VAP), work together to help drive this economic powerhouse.

NTEC’s investment activities reflect its core mission of providing worth while start ups with a host of services and support. That type of investing delivers far reaching benefits to society at large while padding the piggy banks of NTEC’s affiliates.

With the new cures, treatments and products that are developed from NTEC’s well thought out investment strategies, they truly make a difference in the quality of life of many patients and customers. Some of whom will never know who their real benefactors are, you the investor.

Become a part of this real and lasting value. Share in this noble vision to give back to more than just a tight knit group of investors. It is this continuing value that benefits all that makes NTEC’s endeavors so special.

Experience what Dallas venture capital firms and other savvy backers have discovered. The satisfaction of becoming part of something bigger than one’s self. Med Tech and Clean Tech
are investment areas where hyper growth is the norm.